According To These Signs, Dany Won't Survive The 'Game Of Thrones' Season Finale

Helen Sloan/HBO

After ten years, it all comes down to this: the final episode of Game of Thrones airs on May 19, which means that it's only a matter of time before we find out which of our favorite characters will win the game of thrones, which will die, and which will be allowed to *hopefully* live in peace. And after the divisive events of last week's episode, it seems that the signs that Daenerys will die in the Game of Thrones finale are truly everywhere.

In "The Bells," Dany (Emilia Clarke) finally arrived in King's Landing to stake her claim on the Iron Throne and attempt to take what she believes is her rightful place as the ruler of Westeros. Unfortunately, the combination of paranoia over the possibility that her new love, Jon Snow (Kit Harington), would usurp her, her advisors secretly attempting to undermine her, and the ringing of the bells of surrender caused Dany to follow in her father's footsteps in a different way, by becoming the "Mad Queen" that the people of Westeros feared she would become. Now that she has reduced King's Landing to rubble — and murdered plenty of innocent civilians in the process — it seems reasonable to assume that the survivors will be on a quest to kill her in order to keep her from continuing to reign with fire and blood.

Here are all of the signs that Dany will die in the series finale, so that you're not caught unaware if the Khaleesi doesn't make it out alive:

1. Emilia Clarke Has Hinted That Dany Will Die A Villain

In a May 2018 interview with Vanity Fair, the actor reflected on the final scenes she filmed as Daenerys Targaryen, revealing that the character's last moments on the show "f*cked me up. Knowing that is going to be a lasting flavor in someone’s mouth of what Daenerys is ..." she told the outlet, before trailing off. While now, it seems that Clarke could have been referring to the way that Dany decides to torch King's Landing despite Tyrion (Peter Dinklage)'s many pleas not to, the fact that Clarke referred to it as a "lasting flavor" hints that there won't be anything to subvert the image of Dany as the "Mad Queen" in the finale.

If there was a possibility that Dany would go back to being the "breaker of chains" that fans have known and loved her as, Clarke likely wouldn't have hinted that their "lasting flavor" of her would be unpleasant. And since there's only one way to guarantee a lack of redemption — by having her die in the final episode — it seems as if the actor has been hinting that Dany won't survive for a year now.

2. She's Already Begun Following In Her Father's Footsteps

While the events of Game of Thrones began quite a while into the reign of Robert Baratheon, the era in which the show takes place began when Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), murdered Aerys Targaryen in the throne room of King's Landing. Though the act earned him the nickname "Kingslayer" and a negative reputation for killing the king he had sworn to defend, Jaime explained in Season 3 that he did it in order to defend the people from the "Mad King," who was threatening to burn the city to the ground to defend it from Robert's Rebellion.

In fact, Jaime recalled Aerys commanding his Kingsguard and pyromancers to "burn them all" — which seemed to be exactly what Dany was thinking when she had Drogon decimate the city, bit by bit. If Dany is killed in the Thrones finale, it will officially bring the whole Targaryen rule full circle: from the murder that kicked off the political scheming and fighting that began the series to Dany truly following in her father's footsteps.

3. She's Become The Targaryen Ruler Everyone's Worried About

Dany's descent into madness was foreshadowed by several characters over the course of the show; most notably, in "Eastwatch," Varys drew a comparison to Dany and her father after she murdered Randyll and Dickon Tarly for not bending the knee to her. "Daenerys is not her father," Tyrion responded — and though he seemed determined to believe that for most of Season 8, the hand to the queen seems to have come to terms with the fact that she, too, has become a murderous tyrant. And since characters have spent the last decade talking about how terrible it would be to see another Targaryen on the throne, considering what happened to Aerys, it seems like a foregone conclusion that many people will do whatever they can to stop her from ruling.

4. Arya Has Another Name On Her Kill List

During the Battle of Winterfell, Melisandre reminded Arya of a prophecy that she had made years ago, that the youngest Stark daughter would "close many eyes: brown eyes, green eyes and blue eyes." The blue, obviously, belonged to the Night King and the brown supposedly belonged to Walder Frey, which leaves one more person for Arya left to kill. Now that Cersei is dead, it seems as if the "green eyes" in question are a reference to Dany, as Clarke has green eyes, and Arya was clearly traumatized from witnessing the destruction that Dany caused in King's Landing.

5. Jon Was Upset By Her Actions At King's Landing

There are a few things that fans know about Jon Snow: He idolizes Ned Stark, he values justice and he's willing to give up everything in order to do what is right. Which means it wouldn't be absurd to think that despite bending the knee to Dany — and repeatedly telling people that he is loyal to her — he wouldn't be able to stand idly by while she goes on a murderous rampage. Jon was on the front lines when the Unsullied and Dothraki attacked the citizens of King's Landing, and he's seen what Dany is capable of. There's no way Jon would be willing to continue supporting her now that he's seen her dark side.

6. Dany's Vision In The House Of The Undying


Way back in Season 2, Dany had a vision in the House of the Undying in Quarth, where she found herself in a destroyed version of the Great Hall at King's Landing. However, as she tried to approach the Iron Throne, she heard her dragons in the distance and walked away, and was eventually reunited with Khal Drogo and their son. In other words, it seems as if Dany's undying loyalty to her family — the Targaryens, Khal Drogo, and her dragons — could keep her from taking the throne she's been trying to get this whole time. And since she destroyed much of King's Landing in her attack, it seems as if she's already made this vision come true.

7. Tyrion Is Heavily Featured In The Finale Trailer

Though the clip doesn't offer a lot of insight into the episode, one of the longest shots shows Tyrion walking through the wreckage of King's Landing in shock and horror. After spending the past few seasons as a loyal member of Dany's cabinet — and frequently defending her to people like Varys and Sansa — it seems as if Tyrion has finally realized how wrong he was to put his faith into Dany as a queen and ruler, and that realization (coupled with the fact that Dany has now killed his brother) will likely result in him doing anything he can to remove her from the Iron Throne. After all, he begged her to spare the citizens of King's Landing, and she ignored him, so it doesn't seem as if he's taking all of this particularly lightly.

Plenty of people have died in a variety of gruesome ways over the last eight seasons of Game of Thrones, and when the final episode airs on May 19, there will likely be a few more bloody deaths to endure. Based on all of the clues that the show has dropped recently, it seems almost certain that one of those deaths will indeed belong to Dany — the only remaining question is how she'll go out.