Daenerys HAS To Die In The 'GoT' Finale — Here Are 12 Ways It Could Go Down


Spoilers ahead for Game of Thrones. Daenerys had been the one who deserved the throne more than anyone going into the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones. But just as her kingdom was in her grasp, she snapped and turned pure villain. At this point, Daenerys has to die in Game of Thrones since she's gone all Mad Queen. Sure, she might claim that she was saving Westeros from a tyrant, but in reality, she took tyranny to a whole new level by burning up King's Landing after the soldiers and citizens had surrendered.

Even if you think the Game of Thrones showrunners have been making terrible decisions this final season, it doesn't seem possible that David Benioff and D.B. Weiss would be foolish enough to leave Daenerys alive. Ending it with a murderous Daenerys on the Iron Throne would be the ultimate letdown. So with her fulfilling the "Mad Queen" prophecy after her father had been the Mad King before her, it only seems fitting that she'll die in an act of regicide. Thankfully, there are still plenty of good guys left on Game of Thrones who will fight to protect the realm from Daenerys. So here are just some theories on how Daenerys Stormborn could meet her end.


Jon Will Kill Her

The single most appropriate person to kill Daenerys is her nephew Jon ... especially if you're into the whole Azor Ahai theory. The problem is that Jon might not be able to bring himself to do it. But if he can channel that Targaryen part of himself, he should be the one to destroy Daenerys whether or not he chooses to sit on the throne afterward.


Tyrion Will Kill Her

Daenerys is certainly going to want to kill Tyrion, so besides protecting the realm, Tyrion may need to kill her first to save himself. He has murdered before, like when he strangled Shae and killed Tywin with a crossbow. But maybe he'd pull a move from his brother's Kingslayer days and stab Daenerys in the back. Or, if he's a secret Targaryen, he could get real dramatic and include a dragon in his murdering ways.


Arya Will Kill Her

There once was a time that people thought Arya would be the one to kill Cersei due to Melisandre's prophecy. But maybe the Red Woman left out "violet eyes" by accident because Daenerys is probably on Arya's kill list now. Whether it's with her own face or someone else's (Grey Worm's would be particularly epic), this Many-Faced assassin could have one major kill left in her.


Grey Worm Will Gain A Conscious

Speaking of Grey Worm, he was all about Daenerys' vengeance in "The Bells." But perhaps he'll think of his love Missandei and feel bad for the people of Westeros. This is unlikely, but as the head of her Queensguard, he could pull a Jaime Lannister.


Brienne Will Kill Her In The Name Of Sansa

Brienne is sworn to Sansa Stark. So if Sansa wanted to take the Iron Throne for herself, Ser Brienne would certainly be the one to help make that happen. Plus, she's bound to have some extremely justifiable rage inside her after Jaime left her for Cersei again and died.


Gendry Will Kill Her

Daenerys made Gendry a legitimate Baratheon in "The Last of the Starks." But there's a possibility this could backfire on her for people who believe a Baratheon deserves the throne. Again, this one is more unlikely, but maybe Gendry will come to King's Landing and face off with the Dragon Queen. And even though she denied his proposal, Arya would probably lend a helping hand.


There Will Be A Citizen Uprising

Daenerys almost lost power before due to an uprising by the slavers of Meereen and the Sons of the Harpy. But what if the commoners of King's Landing decided they weren't going to live in fear anymore and united to take down Daenerys? While Cersei often lied about her evil doings, everyone who survived the Battle of King's Landing saw what Daenerys did after the bells were rung. Although, the citizens of King's Landing ending up as the heroes of Game of Thrones is a bit of a stretch.


She'll Die In Childbirth

A queen like Daenerys probably doesn't believe she could die in childbirth (she doesn't even believe she can have children!). But it's something that has happened to a lot of characters in the past on Game of Thrones. So if she is carrying Jon Snow's baby, she could die in childbirth like her mom, Jon's mom, and Tyrion's mom before her.


Varys Has Poisoned Her

A series of fan theories are thinking that Varys' rings contained some poison in them. So maybe one of his little birds will use the poison to finish the job and Daenerys will die like Joffrey. Or, Varys could have poisoning Daenerys before he died and it will finally catch up to her.


Drogon Will Turn On Her

Drogon has always been his mom's favorite, but is it possible that he could turn on Daenerys? Like with the Night King, we aren't entirely certain if Daenerys could survive dragon fire. But what would the catalyst for Drogon to turn on Daenerys? Perhaps if she starts burning her other Targaryen family member(s?).


Wildfire Will Get Her

It would be some sweet, fiery irony if Daenerys died by wildfire after her father stored it in King's Landing to kill the citizens. And again, Daenerys can survive regular flames, but we don't know what would happen to her in wildfire.


She'll Die Like Her Father

In her vision at the House of the Undying in Season 2, Daenerys entered a destroyed Throne Room. She never sat on the throne and instead ended up seeing her dead husband Drogo and son. Perhaps, like her father, she will be killed in the Throne Room by a betrayer. We've pretty much covered all the potential people who could take her over, but hey — maybe Ser Davos will get involved?

Daenerys' transition to Mad Queen has been disappointing for many fans. But now that is has happened, there is no going back. And the only way for the Mother of Dragon's story to end on Game of Thrones is with fire and blood.