This 'Baby-Sitters Club' Cast Reunion Will Take You Right Back To The '90s

Say hello to your friends. You know, the ones that made up the cast of The Baby-Sitters Club movie (writer: Dalene Young), inspired by Ann M. Martin's '90s series of the same name. According to Huffington Post, the cast of the Baby-Sitters Club reunited to watch the 2018 Golden Globes, and there are photos to prove it. And let's be honest, of course there are, because this was always a group of ladies who were very organized.

Owe it to the BSC's president Kristy Thomas herself, Schuyler Fisk, to post a photo of the gang hanging out together for a special viewing party that will take fans right back to the '90s. On Instagram, Fisk wrote,

"this is a club i’m so grateful to be a part of. these women have my heart...and all my secrets. #friendsforever #bsc4life"

So, who showed up for this particular BSC reunion nearly 23 years after these women appeared on screen together? Well, Larisa Oleynik, who played Dawn Schafer and her on-screen stepsister Rachel Leigh Cook, better known as Mary Anne Spier, were both there. Though, Mary Anne's boyfriend Logan Bruno (Austin O'Brien) wasn't — clearly, this was no boys allowed.

The actor who played Stacey McGill, Bre Blair, was also there, as was the film's director Melanie Mayron, who should look familiar to Jane The Virgin fans since she plays Jane's professor, Marlene Donaldson. It also seems in these stars were supporting #TimesUp from home, wearing black in solidarity with anyone who has suffered from sexual harassment.

According to the Entertainment Tonight, it was Mayron who hosted the event at her Los Angeles home when she heard Oleynik, who lives in New York City, and Fisk, who lives in Texas, would be in town. It was the rare time that the women were all in one place, which was reason to celebrate.

As Cook explained to ET that the party, which was set up over email, gave them a chance to catch up while eating a lot of Italian food. "There is always so much to catch up on," she said. "Marriages, babies, breakups, work, politics. You name it, we went there."

One thing they didn't do, though, was talk while Oprah — who was the first Black woman to receive the Cecil B. DeMille award — was speaking. They all took a break from their conversations to watch Oprah's Golden Globes speech, which some thought sounded like a presidential speech. Either way, Cook said, "it felt like the perfect way to end a girl power kind of a night."

Fans on Twitter were very appreciative of the mini reunion.

And fans on Instagram couldn't help but agree, as one commented, "Omg my 90's heart is going to explode!!!" while another wrote, "Def feeling my age LOL." One fan pointed out that it was almost perfect. "This picture is EVERYTHING," they wrote, "just missing Jessie & Claudia though." Here's to hoping that next time Jessie, Claudia, and the rest of the gang will be free for the next reunion.

It actually hasn't been that long since the actors who played Kristy, Claudia, Stacey, Dawn, Mary Anne, Mallory, and Jessie got together. In 2015, The Baby-Sitters Club cast celebrated the film's 20th anniversary at the Austin Film Festival. This time Claire Hogan, who played Mallory, and Marla Sokoloff, who played BSC adversary Cokie Mason, was in attendance, proving this cast might actually really be BFFs 4-life.

After the Golden Globes party, Cook admitted that it was still like nothing had changed. “I think we all trusted each other enough back then, even as young teens, to behave like our authentic selves," she told Entertainment Tonight. "So for better (them) or worse (me), we’re still very similar to the people we were back in 1995.” After hearing all that, who else is up for a Baby-Sitters Club revival?