This Unicorn Neck Pillow Is Here To Make Every Passenger On Your Flight SUPER Jealous


Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. Then, be a unicorn.

Okay, so maybe there's no way you can actually transform and ~become~ a unicorn, but who says you can't do your very best to channel the creature's splendor? Now a simple travel accessory can easily make all your sparkly dreams come true with this absolutely exquisite unicorn travel neck pillow. Embodying the perfect mix of cute and magical, not only will the pink plush provide you with the support you need for an excellent nap on your next vacation, its hood also doubles as an eye mask and will also make you feel like a puppy-eyed Pegasus. Really, what more could you ask for? The pillow is the work of Amazon seller mijimu and comes in both pink and blue (both of which will run you $18.99).

The reviews for the pillows are overwhelmingly positive, with customers singing its praises in the comments for its softness and washability. One user even writes, "The hood is a nice addition for when you want to take a nap and be incognito. I would recommend." It's yet another thing the mystical beings can help you do: conceal your identity.

Let's face it: unicorns are trendy, and they're no longer just for little kids. If you, like me, decorated your childhood bedroom with posters and figurines of unicorns and fairies, you're probably already plugged into the unicorn's reentry into the spotlight. If not, prepare to be flooded by a wave of nostalgia.

The equine marvel has served as muse for everything from Instagram-worthy frappuccinos, to toilet paper, to pool floats, to celebrity hairstyles. Plus, there's no end to how many cosmetic items the creatures have inspired.

But if you have a sweet tooth (and a lot of friends to feed) it's hard to rival a magical confection that allows you to have your unicorn cake and eat it, too. The three-tiered masterpiece (or monstrosity, depending on who you ask) from superstore chain Sam's Club feeds approximately 66 people. The base layer is emblazoned with pastel-colored horizontal stripes, the middle layer is completely coated in florescent-colored sprinkles, and the top layer depicts golden closed unicorn eyelashes. The whole thing is finished off with ears, a wisp of blue icing-hair, and a golden plastic horn. Did I just inspire the theme for your next party? Probably. You're welcome.

Sam's Club

Perhaps the reason unicorn products have remained so popular lies in the creature's novelty. The fairytale figure has held a special place in the hearts of history nerds and fantasy-lovers alike, for centuries. The unicorn is even the national animal of Scotland (BRB, booking a plane ticket). Unicorns' appearance in literature traces back through antiquity and extends to some of the most well-known contemporary fiction (remember who lives in the forbidden forest behind Hogwarts?). The beings are one, if not the absolute most, influential mythical creature in human history.

Next month I turn 24, and am admittedly a little unnerved by the prospect of being someone in my mid-twenties. But I figure the best way to counteract any upset is by celebrating in some way. I have struggled to come up with a unique way to mark the end of my early-twenties, but it's growing abundantly clear there is one specific creature who should serve as inspiration. I mean, according to Voldemort a unicorn's blood provides immortality, so why can't the whole unicorn represent eternal youth?

I propose we make the unicorn the honorary symbol of 2018. They're beautiful, tough, and not afraid of a fight. Plus now for less than 20 bucks you can basically become one for your next nap.