Tyler C. Asked Fans To Respect His Privacy After A Stranger Arrived At His House

Presley Ann/WireImage/Getty Images

Bachelor Nation has been enjoying all of the TikTok videos posted by Tyler C., Hannah Brown, and their "Quarantine Crew" over the past month. But some people have apparently taken their appreciate a little too far. In an Instagram Story posted on Wednesday, April 8, Tyler Cameron revealed a stranger came to his house to join the Quarantine Crew and urged his fans and followers to stay at their own homes and respect his privacy.

"I cannot make this up," Tyler said in the video, after his younger brother, Ryan, revealed that someone had just arrived at his Florida home from Hawaii. "My brother just called me and told me there’s a lady outside our house. We have no idea who she is," he continued, adding that the stranger in question "has her dog and two suitcases. She is trying to join the Quarantine Crew or something. This is out of control."

The former Bachelorette contestant has been spending time in Florida with his brother their friends, and his beauty queen ex as the country practices social distancing due to coronavirus concerns. (Hannah has since left the state to quarantine with her family.) The group — who dubbed themselves the "Quarantine Crew" — have been posting videos on social media of themselves dancing, hanging out and playing games. Apparently, their posts have inspired more than just speculation about Hannah and Tyler's relationship status, they seem to have inspired someone to try and join the "crew" themselves.

After sharing the news about the scary incident on social media, Tyler held an Instagram Live "conference" with his friends in order to recount the "bonkers" story and ask fans to stop posting about his house online. "Respect people’s privacy," he said, before joking that he wasn't deserving of all of that attention. "I’m not that cool, I’m not that talented. I got dumped on television. There’s so many cooler people. Find something better to do with all this time we have now."

Despite claiming that he's only famous for getting "dumped on television," Tyler has made headlines recently over his flirty posts with Hannah. The pair even seemed to deliberately poke fun at rumors that they had rekindled their romance with a "Flip the Switch" TikTok in which he joked that the group joked that "Tyler finally got into Hannah's pants." In another video, the pair even played "Spin the Bottle" with the rest of the "Quarantine Crew," though Tyler told fans on an Instagram Live that Hannah was just "a good friend."

While neither Hannah nor Tyler have commented on the relationship rumors since the former Bachelorette returned home to Alabama, Tyler did fire back at fans who claimed the pair weren't right for one another on social media. While their relationship status may still be up in the air, Tyler's posts make it incredibly clear that fans need to respect the pair's boundaries and — now more than ever — stay at home.

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