There's A Sample Box For Summer Wines & It's A Millennial Pink Rainbow

Pour one out for all the other wines, y'all, because rosé continues to steal the spotlight again and again. This week alone we've been graced by news that a five dollar rosé is about to hit Target, that Whole Foods is having a massive two-month long rosé sale, and that our new favorite drink, rosé cider, officially comes in cans. And honestly, all of this is just the tip of the iceberg on viral rosé news — it's rosé's world, and we're all just living in it. Its next step in global domination? Vinebox's Shades Of Summer box of wines, which is every rosé lover's dream come to life.

First, some science behind why this is going to break your brain. (Okay, "science" is a strong word, but bear with me.) There are two millennial obsessions that are so well-documented that at this point they are going to define us historically whether we like it or not: our obsession with rainbow/unicorn things, and our obsession with millennial pink. While many things have managed to ride the trend wave and capture our hearts, nothing has ever combined these two forces quite as epically as Vinebox's Shades Of Summer, which is a literal millennial pink rainbow. BEHOLD.


The box comes complete with nine samples of different summer-themed wines: two chillable red wines, six rosés, and two white wines that hail from Italy, France and Spain. The end result? A gorgeous row of perfectly curated, aggressively Instagrammable tubes of wine that are so summer it hurts. According to their website, it "pairs well with sunshine, tan lines, and not giving a $%!&."


The Shades of Summer box is available for preorder at the beginning of May — just in time for Mother's Day! — and retails for $76. You can get more deets on how to preorder on Vinebox's website here.

If the box looks vaguely familiar to you, there's good reason — Vinebox is also responsible for my personal favorite concept on this earth, which is the "Twelve Nights Of Wine" advent calendar. Each year Vinebox curates a selection of reds, rosés, and whites that pair perfectly with the holidays, whether you're spending them watching the snow pile up out the window or escaping to a place where you can actually (gasp) see the sun.

But you don't have to wait until summer or the holidays to enjoy the oddly specific joy of wine that comes out of a tube. When they're not going viral for seasonal offerings, Vinebox is a wine subscription website. Wine drinkers can take a quiz on their website to get a sense for their taste preferences, which will curate options for a monthly subscription of three different wine selections in offerings from $25 to $27 per month. Once you try the selections, you can make note of your favorites to help curate the next box and prompt Vinebox to show you how you can purchase that wine by the bottle. It's all of the joy of walking up to the wine sample counter at the store without the burden of putting on pants!

If you're worried you're going to be low on other rosé options after you finish this nine day ~wine cleanse~, the good news is that your options are as vast as a rosé sea. You have all kinds of options for rosé hard cider at your disposal, the thrilling combination that is rosé vodka hitting shelves, and several super Instagrammable rosé brands hitting Target, between the aforementioned $5 California Roots bottle and the introduction of Yes Way Rosé. If there is one thing we are decidedly not in danger of in the summer of 2018, it's running out of things to drink that are pink.