Ways You're Most Likely To Sabotage Your Relationship, According To Your Zodiac Sign

I might be biased because of all the ~girly~ magazines I read as a tween, but I think it's at least somewhat true that our zodiac signs can actually reveal a lot about our personalities: For example, I've always been painfully aware of how well I fit into the stubborn-but-loyal stereotype of my sign (Taurus). While not everyone exactly fits the mold for their sign, there are shared good and bad traits of each zodiac sign — and those traits can impact how we act in relationships, and even whom we're astrologically compatible with.

"All signs are capable of acting out from their 'dark' side," Craig Martin, astrologer, spiritual guide, and owner of Sage of Stars, tells Bustle. "When we feel defensive or stressed, those bad behaviors can sometimes show up in our relationship. The interesting thing is that each side has a unique set of challenging qualities."

There are plenty of reasons people admire each sign, but we all also have some less-than-perfect attributes that could potentially have a negative impact on our relationships, if left unchecked. IMO, it's always better to be aware of your shortcomings — that way, you can work on yourself and prevent those qualities from negatively affecting your relationships. In case you want to ~check yourself~ for any signs of bad relationship behavior, here are all the ways you might sabotage a relationship, based on your zodiac sign.