This Is How Wills Kept Busy In Between 'Bachelor In Paradise' Seasons

John Fleenor/ABC

After his time on Becca's season of The Bachelorette, Wills became a fan-favorite to become the next Bachelor. But he ended up going on Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 where he only lasted one episode. He's back for round two, so what has Wills been doing since Bachelor in Paradise Season 5? The soft-spoken, stylish Wills already caused a stir in Season 6 when he made out with the Paradise-popular Hannah G. And even though Hannah didn't have the same feelings for Wills as he had for her, he's guaranteed to stay a bit longer since the men outnumber the women for the Aug. 12 rose ceremony. But just in case Wills does get sent home sooner rather than later like last season, here's what Wills is up to when not on a Bachelor show.

Wills had some of the most unique and eye-catching style of all the Bachelorette contestants and his Instagram shows how he's been keeping his fashion game up since Bachelor in Paradise. Besides looking good, Wills has been using his newfound celebrity to keep busy with sponsored content and a new crew of friends.

But Wills' chill and lovable personality has still been very much intact based on his social media updates since Bachelor in Paradise Season 5.

Promoting Products

As nearly every good member of Bachelor Nation does, Wills has jumped into being a social media influencer by promoting a number of brands. Among his sponsored posts, Wills has represented Daniel Wellington watches, Paisley & Gray suits (like above), Bevel Shave System, and even the dating app Bumble because sometimes being on the Bachelor franchise just isn't enough to find your person.

Promoting Food For Free

While he's benefitting financially from many of his promotions, Wills loves food so much that he seems to give his endorsement for some of his favorite spots, like Broken Mouth in Los Angeles, for free.

Dating Danielle Maltby

Like Wills, Danielle Maltby didn't find love on The Bachelor or Bachelor in Paradise. So she turned to Jimmy Kimmel for help. And when she was unimpressed with the guys that Kimmel found for her on Tinder during a segment of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, she ended up going on a date with Wills.

But rather than the date with Danielle being the best part of his time on the late-night show, Wills wrote that the highlight was his mom being able to attend with him.

Hanging With Blake

Wills has continued to hang out with members of Bachelor Nation, like Tayshia, Kendall, Joe, and Annaliese in Disneyland and Jaimi in West Hollywood. But one of his best Bachelor buds appears to be Blake Horstmann. His pal might be a controversial contestant now, but Wills was there when Blake celebrated his 30th birthday and it looks like they recently attended the premiere of the Amazon Prime show The Boys together.

Attending The Revolve Festival

Everyone in Paradise may be busy talking about the Stagecoach Festival (which occurs after Coachella). But Wills attended the invite-online Revolve Festival party during Coachella. And who needs to be involved in all that Stagecoach drama when you're that cool? Plus, his time at Revolve gives some insight into why he liked Hannah G. so much in Paradise since they hung out there together with Katie Morton and Jasmine Goode.

Going Platinum

Wills has a different look in this season of Paradise because he dyed his hair a white-platinum color back in May. And he made his new look even more awesome by referencing other pop culture blondies from Game of Thrones and X-Men.

Family Feuding With The "Bach Boyz"

Although they filmed back in February, Wills' episode of Celebrity Family Feud with Blake, Jason Tartick, Eric Bigger, and Wells Adams just aired in July where the Bachelor Men lost to the Victoria's Secret Angels.

Even if his love life isn't exactly where he wants it, Wills has clearly been making the most of his post-Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise time. And he'll be sure to continue his stylish and nerdy ways after his second attempt at Bachelor in Paradise no matter what happens.