This Is What The Perfect Kiss *Really* Looks Like

At the end of The Princess Bride, Wesley and Buttercup ride off into the sunset, culminating with one last kiss. “Since the invention of the kiss, there have only been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind," the narrator reads. This, the most ideal, loving kiss is something most people dream about. It's the ending to not only The Princess Bride, but every good love story. But, if you think about it, what really makes a kiss special?

In honor of National Kissing Day on July 6, Match and ColourPop, a makeup and cosmetics brand, teamed up to find out. The pair surveyed 3,000 singles from across the country on what they think makes up the ideal kiss. When I pondered my own answer to this, another movie came to mind: The Princess Diaries. In it, Anne Hathaway says that, when the kiss is right, your foot will pop. While I've never seen, or experienced, this theory coming to fruition, it is one of many ideas that we've been told creates the perfect kiss.

What else factors into that perfect moment? Read on to see what singles believe makes the ideal kiss.

The Top Spots To Be Kissed

1. Sunset

A sunset was rated as the top spot to be kissed, with 48 percent of singles listing it.

2. Moonlight Stroll

Moonlight was a close second, with 46 percent of singles choosing it as the place to be.

3. The Beach

While the beach can be a romantic spot, it placed third with 37 percent of people wanting to be kissed here.

This Is How Long Is The Ideal Kiss Is

When you're kissing the wrong person, a peck can feel too long. When its right, however, how long should the kiss last? Turns out 10 seconds is the magic number with 20 percent of singles agreeing.

What Ruins A Kiss?

Maybe its not a bad idea to skip the onions on that pizza after all. A whopping 70 percent of singles say that bad breath has ruined a kiss for them.

No Peeking!

When asked if they close their eyes during a kiss, 75 percent of women and 53 percent of men surveyed said yes.

If you're worried that your first kiss has to be perfect, don't be. A total of 70 percent of singles said that a bad first kiss would not be a deal-breaker. The key to a great kiss is that you're comfortable, attracted to the other person, and having fun. Plus, a sunset never hurt anyone.