Kylie Released A Bundle Of Her Fave Beauty Products For More Than 50% Off

If you were looking to update your beauty stash for the summer, Kylie Cosmetics may just have you covered. The Kylie Jenner crafted cosmetics brand has been crafting monthly bundles filled with some of Jenner's favorite products, and the discounts are staggering. For the Kylie Cosmetics May Favorites bundle, Jenner is giving that steep sale price again, and customers will be getting Kylie merch and makeup that they can rock all summer long.

What's in the currently Kylie May Bundle? It's filled with glowy products, lippes (because duh, it's Kylie Cosmetics), and even a dash of merch from her Kylie shop. Basically, it's a specially curated set of products chosen by Jenner herself, and you're going to love it. Inside, fans will find a Kylie tee shirt (of which they can choose between three options), a Kylie thong, Wicked Matte Lip Kit, French Vanilla Kylighter, X Rated Blush, Tahiti Ultra Glow, The Purple Palette Kyshadow, Mood Velvet Single, and Koko K Gloss. Basically, just add one of her Kylie Concealers, and you've practically got a full face of Kylie Cosmetics. The best news, however, may not even be what's in the box itself but how much the bundle retails for.

According to the Kylie Cosmetics website, the May Favorites bundle is a whopping $211 value. It's basically needless to say, but $211 isn't exactly within everyone's budget. Jenner, however, seems to know this, and the bundle is a special promotion for only $100. Yes, Kylie Cosmetics is giving you over $100 off this group of products, and if you weren't tempted to replace some of your empties or add to your summer beauty collection, you may be now.

If you want to shop the bundle, do it fast. Jenner has been curating these groups of products for a while now, and the thing they all have in common? They typically sell-out quickly. With over $100 off, can you blame her fans for snatching them up before they're all gone?

The downside of the bundle for fans? None of Jenner's most recent launches have made their way into one of them yet. The beauty mogul is hot off the heels of an incredibly hyped launch of the Kris x Kylie Cosmetics collection. The products, created and inspired by Jenner's mother Kris, had the internet stoked when they first made their debut. From the incredible Kris Jenner themed packaging (middle finger and sunglasses and all) to the hilarious names like Your Sister Is Going To Jail and 10 Percent, it was a marketing marvel. Unfortunately, there's no trace of it in this bundle.

The same can be said of Jenner's two latest eyeshadow palettes and her collaboration with sister Kourtney Kardashian. Since the year began only a little under six months ago, Jenner has been launching tons of products including the Blue Honey palette, the Bronze Extended palette, and her collaboration with her sister. Will any of these new gems show up in June's bundle? Only time will tell, but it would almost certainly be a gift to fans.

The lack of these products, however, doesn't diminish the value of the May Kylie Favorites bundle. After all, fans who shop the monthly collection are getting over $100 off their order, and considering that Kylie Cosmetics offers free shipping on orders over $40, there's really no way to lose here.

If you love the Purple Palette, the pressed Kylighters, or Jenner's loose Ultra Glows, this could just be the perfect month to take advantage of the deal. If not, hey, there's always next month, and clearly, you can count on a discount from Jenner.