The Number One Thing That Makes Millennials Feel Better After A Miserable Breakup

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As amazing as the feeling of falling in love with someone is, the emotional openness and vulnerability it takes to fall in love inevitably puts us at risk of someday experiencing one of the worst feelings in the world: heartbreak. Even if you're certain you've found "The One," there's always a chance that things won't work out the way you'd hoped and you'll be left brokenhearted. Learning how to get over a breakup in a healthy way — even if all you want to do is curl up into a ball and sob — is an important life skill that, like anything, takes practice to perfect.

Being dumped is never fun, but it's helpful to know that, at the very least, you're neither the first nor the last person to have experienced a broken heart. In a recent YouGov survey on behalf of MaraNatha, one of America’s largest producers of almond and peanut butters, over 1,100 American adults were asked all kinds of personal questions about one of the touchiest subjects out there — going through a breakup — and found that, of the 330 Millennials surveyed, only 17 percent said they'd never been through a breakup.

Even though breaking up with your partner is a lonely process, it is possible to find comfort and start to heal your broken heart. If you need help getting started, here are the top 10 ways your fellow Millennials cope after a breakup, according to the YouGov survey.


Spending More Time With Friends

When you're going through a breakup, try to balance the nights in with some fun nights out with all your best friends. Forty percent of Millennials said that spending time with friends helped them feel better during a breakup — so don't be afraid to reach out and lean on your friends during a rough time.


Marathon-Watching TV & Movies

When you need to escape from reality, there's nothing better than settling into your bed and diving into your favorite TV show. For 33 percent of those surveyed, marathon-watching TV and movies is the go-to post-breakup activity — but maybe steer clear of the rom-com section for a while.


Spending More Time With Family

Sometimes, you just need a hug from your mom when you're upset. For 32 percent of Millennials, spending more time with family members after a breakup brought them some much-needed comfort.


Throwing Yourself Into Work

Spending more time at the office might not sound all that fun, but if you're reeling from a bad breakup, working more might be exactly the distraction you need. For 29 percent of Millennials, throwing themselves into their work makes them feel better after a breakup.


Indulging In Their Fave Foods

There's no problem that good food can't fix, and being heartbroken is no exception: 26 percent of Millennials said eating their favorite foods helped them feel better after a breakup. If you're down in the dumps after being dumped, cheer yourself up by indulging in your comfort food of choice, whether that's lobster bisque or chocolate-covered strawberries.


Going On Vacation

If your budget allows for it, taking a mini vacation after a breakup could be the perfect way to regroup and recharge: 24 percent of Millennials said going on a trip after a breakup made them feel better. When you're busy exploring a new city or relaxing on a beach, it's easy to forget all about your relationship woes.


Finding A New Hobby

After a breakup, it can be hard to feel motivated to do much of anything, but if you want to take your mind off your broken heart, it can help to have a hobby that takes up your free time. Almost a quarter (24 percent) of Millennials said finding a new hobby post-breakup helped them to feel better — so instead of wallowing, join a book club or take up water-skiing.


Making A Playlist That Matches Your Mood

Whether you want to fill your playlist with sad, morose tunes that reflect your inner heartache or with upbeat, go-eff-yourself anthems that empower you, the right music can totally help you get over a breakup. For 24 percent of Millennials, making a playlist that matches their post-breakup mood helps them find comfort during a rough time.


Treating Yourself To A Relaxing Experience

Truthfully, you never need an excuse to treat yourself, but being recently dumped makes it pretty much mandatory that you do something nice for yourself. The YouGov survey found that 20 percent of Millennials said that after a breakup, treating themselves to a relaxing experience — like a massage or day at the spa — is exactly what they need to start feeling better.


Sharing ~Fun~ Pics On Social Media

For some people, it's best to totally stay off social media during a breakup: it can be painful to see your ex's every virtual move when the wound is still fresh. But for 13 percent of Millennials, sharing fun pictures on social media actually makes them feel better after a breakup... even if that's just because they enjoy the satisfaction of appearing unbothered by the breakup.

If we're being totally honest, though, breakups really suck — but luckily, with time, you can heal from a heartbreak. In the meantime, while you're nursing your broken heart, don't feel guilty for being a bit selfish and doing the things that make you happy and bring you comfort.