'The Bachelorette' Is Getting Serious

by Hannah Shapiro
ABC/Thomas Lekdorf

Hometown dates are just around the rosebush on The Bachelorette. We're down to just six men on Rachel Lindsay's season: Peter Kraus, Adam Gottschalk, Eric Bigger, Bryan Abasolo, Dean Unglert, and Matt Munson. Hometown dates usually pull the final four men through and are a big step in this TV love story. The dates give Rachel (and America) a peek into the lives and families of the guys, revealing new information and usually a few whacky family members. Only true frontrunners get to take the leading lady home, so predicting who gets hometown dates during Rachel's Bachelorette season can give fans insight into Rachel's future choice.

Love moves fast from this point forward on The Bachelorette. There are the high stakes pre-hometown dates, then the actual hometown dates, then the overnight dates, the meeting Rachel's family dates, the final dates and then a proposal. The episodes filled with goofy group dates are gone, replaced with deep conversations about marriage and family. The pressure is very much on. Rachel obviously has a connection with each of the men left, or they wouldn't still be there. But some are speeding ahead of others. Here's who I see taking Rachel for a spin around their childhood homes.

Those Who Have This In The Bag

Bryan Abasolo

Rachel says that when she looks at Bryan, she sees the future. Bryan is the sort of frontrunner that makes even a confident Bachelorette like Rachel nervous. And he's got a lot going for him: He makes Rachel swoon, he's the oldest contestant and close in age to Rachel, he seems ready for "the one," and he has a pretty rich life outside the show.

If this show was just a contest of who could kiss Rachel the loudest with the most tongue, Bryan would already have won. And, Rachel gives Bryan a second one-on-one date, which a sign of extreme interest. Pretty much Rachel's only concern is that Bryan is too perfect. All signs point to the chiropractor taking Rachel home to meet Grandma.

Peter Kraus

If America got to vote on a winner, Peter would likely win in a landslide. The soft spoken, fan favorite of the season is looking good heading into hometowns. Peter makes Rachel giddy, manages to stay out of the drama, and stays in hot tubs with the Bachelorette. Peter is the sort of attractive, relaxed midwesterner that Bachelor Nation gravitates towards.

With an early one-on-one date and a second one-on-one date this coming episode (before some men have had their first), Peter is clearly still a frontrunner. Rachel is bound to head to Wisconsin soon, if you ask me. Say cheese Rachel!

Odds Are In Their Favor

Dean Unglert

Let's be honest, Dean is really good looking. And he has a sensitive heart and sweet politeness to boot. Dean has surprised Rachel this season with his depth, giddy excitement, and willingness to try new things. Dean definitely has feelings for Rachel and it seems to be a mutual appreciation. A lot has been said about Dean's age, since he's much younger than Rachel. But she doesn't mind and neither should fans.

I would say that Dean is a shoo-in for hometowns, but a preview clip for the next episode shows a bit of awkwardness ahead. Still, Dean will probably end up taking Rachel home... one can only hope.

Eric Bigger

Eric and Rachel have always had chemistry. Anyone who says Eric is a surprising finalist needs to go back and track the alone moments these two have shared. Even before their giddy one-on-one, Rachel and Eric have always been super touchy-feely and comfortable together. Eric, who says he has never been in love before, is well on his way to falling for Rachel.

If Eric and Rachel were in the non-TV world, I would say the future was bright for this couple. In the fast-paced world of The Bachelorette however, I'm a little concerned that their connection has been a bit slower to develop. Still, I think Eric will end up taking our lovely Bachelorette home to meet the family, because she certainly seems interested in getting to know him more.

Probably Going Home Alone

Adam Gottschalk

I purposefully included the deleted scene Adam posted to his Instagram. There is clearly a lot audiences are missing from his and Rachel's relationship. Just because we don't see their time together, doesn't mean they don't have a connection. There's a lot about Adam we just haven't gotten to see. His story on the show has mostly been reduced to his creepy doll, Adam Jr. The real Adam seems like a normal guy that got lost in the gaggle of bigger personalities. But, Adam's lack of screen time isn't a good sign for his hometown chances. It is unlikely we'd meet the family of a contestant we barely know.

Matt Munson

Just a reminder, Matt is the guy who came dressed in a penguin suit night one. While Rachel loved his goofy entrance, we haven't been shown much of their connection since then. Similar to Adam, I'm sure there's a lot audiences are missing. Matt is a guy with a full life outside of the show. But, similar to Adam, Matt doesn't get a lot of screen time with Rachel or on his own. It's one thing to surprise everyone and make it to next episode, but hometowns are where it gets serious — I don't think Matt and Rachel's relationship is quite at that level.

Whoever does make it home, though, it's sure to be a dramatic last few episodes as Rachel narrows down the men to make her final pick — and I'm sure what she sees during hometowns will help her make that choice.