Why You Should Watch The Women's March


January 20, 2017 is a day many of us have feared since Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election in November. After all, Inauguration Day is the day where Trump is officially sworn into office as the 45th president of the United States. The inauguration is essentially Trump's shining moment to celebrate in his presidency.

But what if we didn't? What if instead of watching the inauguration, we went about our Friday as if it were any other Friday, but watched the Women's March on Washington on Saturday? It would be glorious, to say the least.

While it's hard to ignore your inauguration stress or your anxiety about the fate of the country in a Trump presidency, remember that you don't have to watch the inauguration festivities, even if it's on your mind. There are ways to cope with your stress — and other things to focus on this weekend, like supporting the Women's March on Washington. One way to do that from home if you can't make it? Watch it.

Here's why you should watch the march instead of the inauguration, because the march deserves higher ratings anyways.


To Support What's Really Important

As of January 15, 25 lawmakers said they wouldn't be attending the inauguration. As of January 18, Time reported that that number was up to 60 members of Congress who will be boycotting the inauguration.

In not watching it, you're not only partaking in the boycott of this "illegitimate" president, as Rep. John Lewis called Trump, but you're supporting the members of Congress who are exercising their rights by not attending. Then, when you tune into the march the following day, you're showing your support for those marching on Washington instead.


To Aim To Make History — The Right Kind Of History

The Women's March on Washington is going to be a historical event. What will make it even more historical is if those of us who can't attend tune in to watch it in droves.

If we skip watching the inauguration, we can make history twice in one weekend. How? By making it the lowest-rated inauguration since presidential inaugurations have been televised. As Politico reported earlier this week, Trump currently has the lowest approval rating in history. If we get this inauguration is the lowest in televised history, that's a double whammy.


To Put Respect For The Marginalized Above Respect For Trump

Trump has admitted to groping women without their consent, delegitimized mental illness, said women who had abortions should be "punished", and the list goes on.

It may be called the Women's March on Washington, but it's a march that essentially opposes what Trump stands for; it's a march against ignorance and hate.


It Will Be Healthier To Watch The March

Research found that the election and the terrifying results that followed when Trump won had a major effect on stress levels of Americans, to a degree that hadn't been seen before in past presidential elections. If you were one of those people who, like me, dealt with major stress both during and after the election, then for you to watch the inauguration could be triggering, as well as adding to what stress you've been suffering from these past few months. However, if you watch the march instead, you're bound to feel inspired and empowered. It's going to be far healthier for you, emotionally and physically.


Because The Women's March Is Worth Celebrating

Feel like the inauguration is not worth celebrating? What is worth celebrating are the hundreds of thousands of women and men who will march in opposition to Trump and his presidency. Get cake, streamers, and balloons for your Women's March on Washington viewing.

The women and men who will be marching on January 21, 2017 deserve our support and our attention, so let's give it to them.