10/10 Recommend

TA3’s Viral Waist-Cinching Swimsuits Are 100% Worth The Hype

And the price tag.

10/10 Recommend
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I have always been, and always will be, a shapewear girlie. These days, I own more Spanx than I do underwear, and nothing makes me feel as confident as when I layer my favorite looks on top of a solid, supportive base (34G girlies understand). Given that I’m so used to the look and feel of shapewear, it’s no surprise that flimsy swimwear sometimes leaves me feeling exposed.

While I’m all about a thong bikini for a trip to Miami with my girls, I tend to gravitate towards slightly more modest styles for a typical beach day, so a chic one-piece is my usual go-to. In the past, I’ve spent many a spring season trying on any and all one-piece suits I could get my hands on, desperate to find the perfect fit. Now that I’ve found a brand that really works for me, I can finally skip the dreaded dressing room.

TA3’s sculpting swimsuits — in particular, the Hi Cut Plungey style — are supportive, flattering one-pieces that make all my bikinis look…well, basic. If you're familiar with the old guard of restrictive, somewhat fugly (let's be real!) shapewear swimsuits, allow me to introduce you to the one brand breaking the mold.

Fast Facts

  • Price: $178
  • Brand: TA3
  • Best for: creating an hourglass shape
  • Rating: 5 stars

My Issue

While I’ve got an ample bikini collection, I’ve always been a big believer that a quality one-piece can be an even hotter swimwear staple — especially, on my curvy hourglass figure. But finding a suit that fits my needs is easier said than done. Having a large chest and bigger butt, I struggle to find one-pieces that accentuate my shape, as they always pull or bunch in the wrong spots.

When I realized I needed more support than the average suit could provide (I rarely go braless, so why would feel comfortable in a swimsuit that doesn’t lift and support my assets?), I found that most shapewear-inspired swimwear looked matronly. Even worse, I felt like these brands often assume buyers are ashamed of their bodies and want to conceal their curves. Not the vibe!!!

TA3 Hi Cut Plungey Swimsuit

After watching a Shark Tank episode featuring brand founder Leila Shams, I started seeing TA3 absolutely everywhere. This is largely due to the brand popping off on TikTok, courtesy of the dozens of real women showing off the swimsuit’s incredible sculpting capabilities.

Intended to be an option for folks like me, who are seeking supportive but stylish swimwear, TA3 relies on a special fabric blend and a corset-inspired lacing system to sculpt the wearer’s figure. The result is supposed to look as though you’re wearing Spanx or SKIMS underneath your swimsuit. Unlike so many shaping swim brands, these suits are marketed to promote body confidence — not shame shoppers or take advantage of insecurities to make a sale.

Still, I was skeptical of the mega-expensive price tag. Almost $200 for a swimsuit? How good could it really be? But after hours spent scrolling positive TikTok try-on hauls, I convinced myself to order both the Plungey and Hi Cut Squarey styles to try for myself.

The Design

The most notable design detail on all of the TA3 swimsuits is the lace-up closure in the back, meant to cinch the waist like a corset, but without the discomfort. Also aiding in the sculpting is a dual-fabric makeup, consisting of an activewear compression fabric outer and an inner power-mesh lining at the waist. On their site, they compare it to the material of a high-end sports bra.

TA3’s swimsuits boast a cinching lace-up detail at the back.TA3

Each suit also boasts adjustable straps, removable bust pads, and a shelf bra for additional lift and support at the chest. I’m one of those people who always removes the padding immediately (anyone else?), but I really liked the bra and strap details.

First Impression

When I placed my first TA3 order, I chose my usual size, and was instantly humbled. On their site, the brand recommends sizeing up if you’re in between sizes, but I’d recommend sizing up regardless. As someone with particularly wide hips, I also quickly realized that only the styles labeled Hi Cut would suit me, as the standard silhouettes cut me off mid-hip. In their defense, I should’ve seen this coming, as I really only wear high-sided suits to begin with.

I was admittedly disheartened that my first order was such a flop, but I swapped for a size up, added some Hi Cut-only styles to my cart, and tried again. Boy, was I glad I did! It took a bit of trial and error, but with the proper size and silhouettes — this time, I went for the Hi Cut Plungey and Hi Cut Squarey — I quickly discovered that I had found my dream swimsuit.

The moment I tried the first suit, I fell in love. I felt supported and held in, but not necessarily restricted. I had worried the tight, lace-up back would be uncomfortably tight, but it cinched seamlessly, snatching my waist. It officially confirmed the TikTok reviews I’d watched were legit. (And if you really feel iffy about the exposed skin in the back, they’ve even debuted certain styles with covered backs.)

I styled the black Hi Cut Plungey with a Cult Gaia hat, Good American sarong, and btb bag.Courtesy of Bella Gerard

After an initial beach day in the Hi Cut Plungey — full of compliments and zero wardrobe malfunctions — I purchased more cuts and colorways. A few wears later, I decided that I like both the Hi Cut Plungey and the Hi Cut Squarey, but the Squarey suited my large chest the best. It struck the perfect balance of modest and spicy — especially in the Baywatch red shade that’s become my go-to.

The only real critiques worth sharing have to do with the back of the suit (a small price to pay given how great the overall effect is). Depending on how tightly you lace the back, the trailing laces can end up laughably long. I suppose you could trim them, but you really do need that extra length when unlacing and removing the suit. I’ve seen some wearers bow them up or even tie them in the front for a belted look that further enhances the hourglass silhouette. So, while less than ideal, it’s certainly a problem that can be solved.

The other critique is one I should’ve seen coming, I fear. The suit itself is delightfully cheeky, but as you cinch the back, expect it to become even cheekier. Given that the fabric is quite literally being pulled to gather at your waist, it’s no surprise that a bit of a wedgie can form. I personally have no issue with the way this looks, but if you want a bit more coverage, you’d have to consider dialing down the corseting, which is largely the point of the swimsuit.

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

The Verdict

If I could own the Hi Cut Plungey in every single color, I think I’d throw all other swimsuits away forever. TA3 has done something no other brand has been able to, in creating shapewear swimsuits that feel empowering, wear comfortably and look amazing. I can’t remember ever feeling as confident in a one-piece as I do in these.

I styled the red Hi Cut Squarey with Miu Miu sunnies and my beach bag.Bella Gerard

The brand is only expanding its offerings; since I placed my first order, they’ve introduced their first bikini, a push-up style, and even waterproof LBDs. Even though it took exchanging my initial order to get my sizing and fit preferences down, the right suit for me was well worth the price tag I initially balked at. I’d sooner have one singular swimsuit for $178 than spend that much on five suits that don’t look or feel nearly as good.

If you don’t see a color or cut that appeals to you, I recommend waiting it out, as TA3 introduces new pieces on a fairly frequent basis. I’m personally keeping my fingers crossed for a few fun patterns in addition to the pretty solids. TA3, if you’re reading this: More, please!