A Guide To Ariana Grande's Most Iconic Tattoos

And the stories behind them.

Ariana Grande has over 50 tattoos. From the stars on her hand to the butterflies on her arm, her are...

Petite pop princess and creative mastermind behind galactic-inspired r.e.m. beauty — I’m talking about the one and only Ariana Grande, of course — is a total icon and living legend on every level. From mile-long ponytails of the past to her more recent inclination towards bold, ’60s-inspired glam, Grande has proven to be a trendsetting force of nature who is no stranger to mastering a signature look … especially when it comes to her ever-growing, eclectic collection of over 50 tattoos.

What started out as a single tattooed heart on her toe during the time she starred on Nickelodeon mainstay, Victorious, has turned into a scrapbook-style patchwork of fond memories, beloved characters in film and television, as well as the most meaningful words and sentiments to the powerhouse vocalist herself. While she’s been somewhat more private about her personal life lately, her most loyal fans know the inside scoop on what her unique ink truly means to her.

The singer has everything from realistic butterflies and memorable cartoon characters from the ’90s, to tiny meaningful bumble bees and to the word “BBQ Grill” (IYKYK). Here is an ultimate guide to Ariana Grande’s most-loved tattoos as well as the stories behind them, in no particular order.



The sweet nickname Grande’s maternal grandmother, Nonna, gave her (and the name of her r.e.m. beauty everyday eyeshadow palette), is carefully inked in thin block letters on her middle finger.



A nod to her Italian heritage, Bellissima is yet another nickname given to the superstar, this time from her maternal grandfather, Frank. It translates to beautiful, and is inked in cursive across her ribcage.


Sun, Moon, & Stars

In recent years, Grande has built a friendship with NY-based ink master, Mira Mariah (otherwise known as Girl Knew York), who is known for her expertly outlined and carefully detailed tattoos. The sun, moon, and stars on the back of her hand has quickly become one of the pop star’s most memorable pieces.


Remember Manchester

As an emotional tribute to the tragedy that took place in Manchester during Grande’s Dangerous Woman Tour, the pop star tattooed a delicate bumble bee behind her ear in honor of the precious lives lost. The worker bee is a symbol of the U.K. city in which the concert took place, representing the hard-working nature of the people who live there.



Though covered up for her May 2021 wedding to Dalton Gomez, Ari’s butterfly tattoos beautifully adorn her upper arm.


Laurel Leaves

Subtly mirroring music video stills from one of my all time favorite songs, God Is A Woman — remember the epic lavender bath scene? — Grande is adorned with whimsical leaves à la Girl Knew York, sensually snaking across her ribs, hands, and wrists.



Warming the hearts of ’90s babies and Pokémon stans alike, Ari’s nostalgic tattoo from LA-based artist, Kane Navasard, popped up on her bicep shortly after declaring her obsession with playing Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee on her Nintendo Switch.


Mille Tendresse

Inspired by one of her favorite films, Breakfast At Tiffany’s starring legendary Audrey Hepburn, the French phrase “mille tendresse” is penned in cursive at the base of her neck. The translation: A thousand tendernesses.



Arguably the leader of Grande’s dog pack, Toulouse is comically “human,” as Ari confesses, and has been featured on the cover of Vogue (yes, really), in Coach campaigns, and on nighttime talk shows with the mogul herself. His name takes up some serious real estate on her nearly fully-covered hand, curving delicately below her fingers.



Not only is Cloud one of the most adored perfumes Grande has released, it’s also long been a symbol amongst Arianators that represents the dreamy vocalist. Grande has a tiny cloud tattooed on her finger — and so many of her fans all over the world sport a matching one.


The Infamous BBQ Grill

No Ariana Grande tattoo list would be complete without mentioning the headline-making BBQ Grill. Intending to ink “7 Rings” in Japanese Kanji after the empowering thank u, next era smash hit, she accidentally missed a character or two, tattooing the phrase “BBQ Grill” on her palm. Since then, the controversial ink has been corrected, faded, and covered up.


The Truman Show

An outspoken super-fan of Jim Carrey, Grande has tattooed an iconic quote from one of the actor’s most-loved films — The Truman Show. It reads, “In case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!” The text is upside down on her shoulder, of course.



A feminist beacon and empowering figure for all, Grande has a tiny venus symbol inked on her left middle finger by LA-based artist, Dr. Woo. The symbol represents femininity, Greek goddess Aphrodite, and the planet of Venus which is commonly associated with love and beauty.



A friendship tattoo and inside joke amongst her closest pals, the acronym H2GKMO tattooed on her right hand stands for “honest to God knock me out.” Fans got a rare inside peek into the story behind the tatt on the first episode episode of her YouTube docu-series, The Dangerous Woman Diaries.



Grande’s simply outlined Chihiro tattoo on her forearm commemorates the brave, adventurous nature of the beloved character from 2001 film Spirited Away.



A dog lover through and through, the tiny Myron tattoo on Grande’s ankle honors her sweet pit bull mix, formerly owned by Mac Miller.


Crescent Moon

Yet another iconic symbol of the songstress (anyone remember her old Snapchat username, moonlightbae?), this celestial ink is on her neck, just below behind her ear.