The 7 Most Popular Fashion Resale Items From 2021

According to Poshmark.

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See the best clothing items to resell in 2021, according to Poshmark, from Skims loungewear to Telfa...
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Resale is a growing category in the fashion space with people looking to buy and sell items that already exist, rather than adding to the industry’s collective carbon footprint by buying new pieces. Resale serves so many different goals. Not only does it allow the shopper to buy designer items at relatively affordable prices, but it fuels everyone’s desire for nostalgic fashion. And most importantly, it’s one of the most sustainable shopping experiences, as it’s cutting down on waste and making old items feel new again. In short, it’s a mutually beneficial shopping experience for buyer and seller alike.

But what are people reselling? Poshmark has been tracking the items people have been searching in 2021, and released a report with the top trends of the year. Looking at that data, it appears that the resale market mimics the traditional fashion space, with It items like Telfar bags and Skim loungewear dominating both sectors.

Some trends that stand out? Vintage fashion (older than 40 years old) and sustainable brands continued to thrive, perhaps due to the growing interest in eco-friendly fashion.

Ahead, find the top resale items of 2021, and what pieces to expect in 2022, from Telfar bags to Theory blazers.



Kardashian-led brands like Skims and Good American are more popular than ever, with 65% and 75% rises in popularity this year, respectively, on the platform.

Vintage Fashion

Sure, gently used designer items have always been a hit on the resale platform, but true vintage items (more than 40 years old) are increasing in demand, with a 53% uptick this year, according to Poshmark.

Vintage pieces are even more sustainable than typical resale items, as you’re pulling from stock that was crafted well before fast fashion.

Sustainable Brands

Brands that have a specific focus on environmentally-friendly production and sustainable materials are on the rise, with labels like Pangaia, Marine Serre, and Outerknown rising 162%, 136%, and 111% in 2021, respectively.

Designer Brands

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Designer brands are still more popular than ever, with search rises in Burberry, Prada, YSL, Tiffany & Co., and Dior this year (22, 22, 36, 13, and 8% respectively).

Theory Blazers & Jackets

After nearly a year and a half of sweatpants ruling the roost, Theory searches (specifically blazers and suit jackets) were up by 40% on the shopping platform over the past year.

Telfar Bags

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Looking for the next “it” bag? Telfar is the most popular of the moment. The vegan brand experienced a whopping 1,107% increase in search on Poshmark, with Bottega Veneta next in line with a 29% uptick.

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