Body Cleansing Wipes Are The Perfect Makeshift Shower Hack

A solution if you’re joining the celeb-beloved anti-shower craze.

Body cleansing wipes are the perfect between-shower-days savior.
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A recent craze is taking place among celebrities: Hordes of them are coming clean about not getting clean. Their hygiene habits have been running the gamut — some of them simply aren’t showering, others are showering occasionally, then there are those who only clean certain body parts. If you are in this not-regularly-bathing club (or if you want to join it), you might consider stocking up on body cleansing wipes.

It’s hard to tell who sparked the first wave of the anti-shower tsunami, but to a casual observer (aka me) it seems that it was Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. Other stars seemed to chime in in droves — everyone from Jake Gyllenhaal to Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell has come forward as being part of the movement. While some people may initially think skipping the suds is a one-way ticket to stink city, that’s not exactly the case.

Bustle asked Dr. Loretta Ciraldo, M.D., a Miami-based board-certified dermatologist, how long she thinks people can healthily go without showering. “This is a big question,” she says. While she acknowledges the growing tide of people throwing soap to the wind, she notes she’s pro cleanse. “As a dermatologist, I believe that soaking the skin in water is extremely beneficial and I advise bathing at least every two days,” says Ciraldo. But cleansing wipes are the perfect product to hold you over between showers — or, I suppose, even replace bathing for some.

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What Exactly Are Body Cleansing Wipes?

If you’re in a pinch or are truly dedicated to the shower-less lifestyle, Ciraldo says body cleansing wipes are a great substitute. These towelettes use a two-pronged approach: “They work as they’re infused with cleansing ingredients that are effective at removing debris,” she explains. “They’re also skin-friendly enough that they will not [cause irritation] if a residue of the ingredients is left on skin.” Think of them as a shower in towelette form.

One concern is their impact on the environment. According to Ciraldo, there are plenty of wipes on the market today made of biodegradable material, so opt for these if you’re looking for a sustainable option. Otherwise, she recommends avoiding any that contain artificial dyes and fragrance since they can sometimes cause irritation on the skin. Instead, reach for nourishing and soothing ingredients like ceramides, vitamin E, aloe vera, oatmeal, and coconut oil, says Ciraldo.

How Do You Use Body Cleansing Wipes?

There is a strategy to follow in your makeshift shower routine. “First wipe down the areas that are less prone to having sweat, odor, and bacterial overgrowth” Ciraldo says. While this may change person to person, she notes it usually means the chest and abdomen, followed by the arms and legs. Then, she says to hit your privates and underarms. Her last piece of advice? “Never reuse a wipe.” It would just spread everything you just swiped off your body back onto your skin.

Whether you’re looking for a quick post-workout refresh or joining the ranks of anti-shower celebs, here are eight body cleansing wipes that will do the job.