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Why I Can't Stop Wearing This Bridgerton Nap Dress

It’s more comfortable than my sweatpants.

A woman wearing a Bridgerton inspired nap dress Nap Dress in front of a green background

Full disclosure: Even though I am a fashion editor and I pretty much shop for a living, I typically never buy viral fashion items. I do have the Telfar bag in several colors (and his Ugg collab) but that’s an exception. TikTok leggings? They looked great on Lizzo, but didn’t deliver for me. Alexa dress? Cute, but not my style. Then, I discovered the Hillhouse Home Nap dress.

I originally got the Hillhouse Home Nesli style Nap dress, and while I thought it was stylish and easy-going, I wasn’t totally converted. And then slowly, as the weeks passed, I found myself grabbing the Nap dress more than anything else in my wardrobe. I wore it for Zoom meetings, to the airport, on dates, to fashion events, even sitting around the house with no plans. Whenever it’s clean, you can almost guarantee I’m putting it on.

It’s not just that it arrived at the perfect time, when I was working from home during quarantine and needed a miracle to get out of my sweats. It’s that it checks all my boxes: presentable enough for work, sexy enough for dates, and even cozier than the sweats and activewear I’d been living in. Seriously.

So, when Hillhouse Home announced they were partnering with Phenomenal and Bridgerton on a limited-edition collection of Nap dresses and hair accessories, I knew it’d be worth the hype. And since I spent the last year either wearing my Nap dress or Phenomenal sweatshirt while watching Netflix, the collection is pretty much all my favorite things combined. Talk about the universe aligning.

The full line includes two pink and lavender Ellie dresses and a Whistledown Trellis Nesli (which I reviewed for this post), as well as two hair pins. And yes, the Bridgerton-inspired styles have all the Victorian-era design flourishes you’d expect — combined with that Nap dress silhouette everyone loves. Here’s why I’m obsessed.

First Up: The Basics

So, why is the Nap dress so special in the first place? Founded by Nell Diamond, Hillhouse Home sells out of the comfy dress in minutes. It’s created with medium-thick cotton fabric that feels like a cozy blanket or the perfect worn-in sweatshirt.

But it still gives the appearance of being fully dressed-up and pulled together. It boasts an accordion bodice that mimics a corset, but feels like a towel wrapped around you after getting out of a warm shower.

The details — puff sleeves, swiss dot prints, ruffled shoulders — only serve to add to its allure, making it the most fashion-forward, comfortable garment I’ve ever come across.

Why I’m Obsessed

The Bridgerton x Phenomenal x Hillhouse Home dresses truly do Ellen Mirojnicks costume design work justice. They’re covered in a floral chinoiserie print designed by Diane Hill, an artist out of London who drew inspiration from the show.

True to the soft, muted tones of the Bridgerton wardrobe, the collection is rendered in a lavender and pink color palette that I could absolutely see Daphne wearing.

In fact, all three dresses feel like they could be plucked out of Daphne’s closet, and they’d work for her picnics with the Duke and her lavish parties. Sidenote: Can we petition for the Duke to come back?


In all seriousness, these Bridgerton-inspired dresses will be the hardest-working items in your wardrobe. They embody that ever-popular #cottagecore aesthetic, so they’re on trend for any social gatherings on your calendar.

Zoom calls? They feature the puff sleeve (Nesli) and ruffle shoulder (Ellie) details that look so good on video from the waist-up.

And if you plan on running errands or just lounging around and watching Netflix all day, these dresses are so cozy you won’t want to take them off. I’m also a fan of the hair pins, which I can envision adorning the Featherington sister’s elaborate updos.

The entire collection brings Bridgerton costuming to life in a way that’s wearable, functional, and easily integrated into your quarantine wardrobe. Shop my favorite pieces below.

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