The Coquette Nail Trend Is So Cute For Summer

They’re serving Bridgerton.

In a world where simple glazed donut manicures reign supreme, it feels right to fall down the hyper-feminine rabbit hole that is coquette nails. Inspired by all things girly and flirty, coquette nails are OTT — in the best way.

The word coquette is taken from the 17th century, where it was used to describe the flirtiest members of society, but the coquette nail trend is very much a 2023 TikTok thing, says Thea Green, the founder of Nails.INC. With over 55 million views on the app, these nails feature a soft, shimmery, or pastel base with nail art that gives strong Bridgerton vibes. Think bows, pearls, hearts, and florals. “If you want to go more 3D, you can also add pearl nail stickers or 3D bows,” Green tells Bustle. And the more you pile on each finger, the better.

This trend plays right into balletcore, and is also said to match Lana Del Rey’s feminine aesthetic. Recently, Hailey Bieber, Lily-Rose Depp, and Sofia Richie have worn elements of this trend, as well. “There’s definitely a love for overtly feminine style with more lace, crochet, and pearl-inspired designs all over TikTok and the runways,” Green adds. “Coquette started in makeup and hair with glowing shades and the prettiest ribbons — and has since made its way to nails.”

Ahead, all the coquette nail inspo you’ll need for your next mani.


3D Ribbons

According to nail artist Queenie Nguyen, coquette nails are all about embracing your inner maximalist — so go ahead and be extra with OTT bows. “The base color for this trend is usually a sheer pink or neutral, because the main attention is the 3D embellishments on top,” she tells Bustle.


Sparkles & Bows

Painting on a ribbon design with pink polish is always an option, but to really nail the coquette trend, consider gluing on an actual ribbon. Sure, it might get in the way as you eat and go about your day, but it’ll be worth it.


Rhinestone Accents

Another common coquette theme? Rhinestones and crystals in all forms, Nguyen says. To add some sparkle to your next mani, try stick-on gems.


Pearl Hearts

Nothing screams 17th-century France quite like a string of pearls, so load up your nails with as many baubles as possible, like this mani featuring hearts made out of tiny pearls. “That [girly] kind of energy feeds into this sugary-sweet nail trend,” Green says.


A Single Pearl

According to Green, you can rock any nail shape when doing a coquette theme, but she does suggest a softly pointed or oval tip to really tap into the look. It’ll be the perfect base for a French tip/tiny pearl combo.


Lace Nails

If your inner Lana Del Rey is bubbling to the surface, embrace it with lace details. After applying a shimmery base coat, place a lace nail decal on top to create an ultra-feminine look.


Negative Space Tips

These negative space hearts add the perfect flirty touch, especially when incorporated into French tips.


Bridgerton Florals

Nail artist Elle Gerstein suggests laying down a pearlescent base to enhance whatever you add on top, like these Bridgerton-inspired florals. “This trend also looks great in pastels for the summer,” she tells Bustle.


Tiny Hearts

When in doubt, go for a tiny pink heart on each fingertip. In a coquette world, every day is Valentine’s Day.


Blue Swirls

Coquette nails don’t have to be pink, Green says. You can go wild with blue swirls, green-marbled effects, or even a red nail. If it feels dreamy and girly — or like something you’d spot at a glamorous tea party — it totally counts as coquette.


Thea Green, founder of Nails.INC

Queenie Nguyen, nail artist

Elle Gerstein, nail artist