How To Master A Mullet If You Have Curly Hair

Stylists share their top tips.

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Here's how to master the curly hair mullet, according to experts.
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Mullets might be as big today as they were in the ’80s. The hairstyle has regained its allure for a number of reasons, but perhaps the most appealing is how low maintenance it is. If you’re rocking a mullet with curly hair, even better: You’ve basically got built-in volume. And, according to stylists, the hair trend is all about embracing body.

“Great volume was big in 2021 and will be bigger in 2022,” curl specialist Nubia Rëzo, founder and CEO of Rëzo Haircare, tells Bustle, pointing to curly hair mullets in particular. “Curly girls are not afraid to experiment with different curly cuts because they are created with body, balance, and shape.”

Before beginning your mullet metamorphosis, be sure to see a stylist who’s well versed in curly and/or textured hair. Several brands and salons have their own takes on curly cuts, including the Rëzocut, Mizani Aircut, and DevaCurl, which consist of cutting hair while dry and in its natural state. “More stylists are becoming certified in Mizani AirCut which teaches how to properly cut curls,” Rëzo explains, noting this is the best way to go if you’re trying out the mullet look.

Rëzo and Tippi Shorter Rank, Mizani’s global artistic director, both tell Bustle they’re getting more and more requests from their curly-haired clients for the modernized mullet. “And when it’s not requested, I suggest it,” says Rank. As Rihanna has proven, it can be incredibly chic.

Read on for expert tips on how to master the curly mullet.

1. Hydrate Your Hair

Keeping moisture in your hair is rule number one. “Hydration is the key for curls to work their best with any style,” Rëzo says. Wash and condition with moisturizing shampoo and conditioners, then gently blot curls dry with a non-abrasive microfiber towel. Amy Abramite, creative director and stylist at Maxine Salon, adds that some styling products can help, too. “A leave-in conditioner or texture spray is best for keeping curls nourished, moisturized, and soft,” she tells Bustle.

2. Keep Your Hairline Thick

Whether you’re opting for a professional chop or cutting your hair at home, Rëzo recommends anyone aspiring for a curly mullet to keep their hairline on the thicker side. “When it comes to maintaining curly mullets, make sure you don’t make the hairlines too thin, especially if your texture is tighter on the top,” she says. This ensures the hair remains soft around the face. On that note, Rank also encourages people to embrace curly bangs. Some fringe will only add to the mullet’s edgy rock and roll vibes.

3. Dry With A Diffuser, Then Scrunch

The experts also suggest keeping a diffuser on hand. “[The curly mullet] is best styled with a diffuser attachment on a blowdryer to define curls and boost volume,” Abramite says. “Light scrunching with a diffuser attachment will increase volume, define curls, and fight frizz.”

Then, to zhuzh your curls even more, Rank has the following pro tip: “Use curl-enhancing lotion throughout the front for volume, and a heavier product like Mizani True Textures Perfect Coil Oil Gel around the back to extend length.”

4. Trim Every 1-2 Months

Lastly, Abramite suggests maintaining your curly mullet with a light trim every four to eight weeks. This keeps the hairstyle fresh and your layers intact.

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