The "Dew Drop" Nail Trend Brings The Most Summery Vibes To Your Fingertips

Take your 3D manis to the next level.

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If you’re looking for summer mani ideas, “dew drop” nails have got you covered. This nail art trend, which has over 288 million views on TikTok, is all about adding what looks like a subtle splash of water to your fingertips for an effect that brings to mind pool parties, summer vacations, and trips to the beach.

Dew drop nails really lean into the 3D manicure trend, which has been influenced by Japanese and Korean manicure techniques, says Yongxi Tan, the co-founder of Bessie, a press-on nail brand. You can rock them however you want; scroll through social media and you’ll see the standout look in all forms, from fairycore designs, minimalist chic iterations, mermaid vibes, and even Y2K-inspired tips, Tan says. Depending on the base color and how you apply the little droplets, you can instantly change the aesthetic from cute to quirky.

While a trip to the salon might be in order to get the perfect water droplet effect, you can try to apply dew drops at home using resin molds, clear or rhinestone gels, or pre-made stick-on dew drops. It’ll take some patience to get them just right, says Tan, but the multidimensional result will be so worth it.

Want a manicure that’ll glisten in the sun as you adjust your sunglasses? Keep scrolling for 13 extra cool dew drop nail art ideas.


Pastel Gradient

For a bright, summery manicure that gives pool party vibes, go for a pastel gradient speckled with dew drops. It’ll look like you just did a cannonball.


Silver Pools

For an extra eye-catching mani, lay down a velvety, chrome, or silver base then place a few clear dew drops on top. It’ll add even more sparkle while magnifying the glitter beneath.


Matte Black

With a matte black base, the acrylic droplets almost look like actual water.


Freshly Picked

Fruity designs are even more adorable when paired with the dew drop trend. Think watermelon nail art with splashes of fruit juice — or even lemon, lime, or orange wedges.



Instead of placing multiple dew drops on each nail, some artists are applying one giant droplet, often with a nature design underneath that the dew appears to magnify. It looks like something you’d spot while on a morning walk in the park.



To look like a fairy fresh from the garden, go for pastel hues or milky whites as a base, then randomly apply dew drops for a mystical, magical effect.


Colorful Jelly

Jelly nails always make a comeback in the warmer months, but dew drops take them to the next level. Go for colorful hues underneath the 3D effect for nails that look like actual candy.


Galaxy Drops

Into a darker, more celestial vibe? Add dew drops on top of a two-tone cat eye or iridescent polish. That’s the fun thing about this trend: You can place droplets on top of literally any design and it’ll be even more gorgeous.



A pastel or neon ombré nail is instantly taken to the next level with the addition of this 3D effect.


Chrome Paint

Droplets work so well with shiny polishes — like the super-trendy chromes — by multiplying the metallic factor by one thousand.


Fresh Morning Dew

For nails that look like an actual leaf covered in fresh morning dew, opt for a summery green shade with plenty of well-placed beads.


Crystal Pink

Dew drops look great next to other 3D accents, like crystals, pearls, and beads. Rock them on a hot pink polish for an eclectic look that’s positively stunning.


Aquarium Vibes

To combine the trendy mermaid nails with dew drops for an ultra-summery look, opt for an iridescent polish in shades of blue and green, pop a few water blobs on top, and you’ll have yourself a manicure fit for Ariel herself.

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