"French Fade" Nails Are Trending & They're So Chic

Meet the hottest way to rock a French mani RN.

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French manicures have been a major nail trend for the past couple of years now. Part of their appeal is that you can rock them in all different ways, whether you opt for the classic, try a minimalist micro French mani, or blur things out with a French fade. With over 461 million views on TikTok, though, it’s the French fade that’s extra hot right now. (Hailey Bieber, J.Lo, and Kylie Jenner have all sported the look.)

A French fade, similar to an ombré tip, concentrates most of the color on the ends of your nails. Instead of painting straight across, as you would with a traditional French manicure, the color gradually fades down into a neutral-colored base as it gets closer to your cuticle, says Jade Farrar, a Brooklyn-based nail artist. The end result? A chic pop of color.

The design is an easy way to add a little something special to your nails, Farrar tells Bustle, especially if you don’t want to lean into bright, bolder nail art. French fades are also super low-maintenance, which is a huge plus. According to Farrar, styles like French tips and the faded French are ideal when you want to be able to wear a mani for two-plus weeks since the grow-out isn’t as noticeable due to the neutral base.

To get the look, check out these 11 French fade manicures for inspo, including frosted fades, Euphoria-style tips, and more.


Classic French Fade

For a slight update to the classic French manicure, Juli Russell, a DIY nail expert for Sally Beauty, suggests sticking with neutral polishes that match your natural nail. Then, instead of drawing a harsh white line across your tips, blend the polish until it fades into a neutral taupe or pink.


Frosted Fade

Once you get your French fade in place, Russell recommends topping it off with a frosty shimmer top coat for the glazed nail effect, which will effectively combine multiple nail art trends into one, cohesive look. To create a fade at home, use a beauty blender to stipple a colorful polish on just the tips, then cover with all-over shimmer.


Bright Fade

To spice things up for summer, Russell recommends blurring at bright pink on your tips. Other options? Lime green, neon yellow, or a pop of orange.


Euphoria Fade

For an extra eye-catching mani, stick a few rhinestones onto your nails. “This 3D crystal-studded French fade is giving Maddy from Euphoria vibes and is a fun take on the trend,” Russell says.


Pink & Sparkly

The French fade is also the perfect backdrop for other nail art designs. This bubblegum pink faded French features hand-painted twinkle stars that add a galactic touch.


Vertical Fade With Bows

Instead of fading towards your nail bed, opt for a vertical French fade across the top of your nail. “This look is almost like a sunset of colors — and the painted bows perfectly tie in with the balletcore trend that is also taking off right now,” Farrar tells Bustle.


Whimsical Fade

If you’re feeling whimsical, stick on a few decals — like a star, flower, or cartoon character — for a mani that doubles as an artistic masterpiece.


Neon Fade

Syreeta Aaron, an educator at LeChat Nails, suggests using different colors on each nail for a fun, vibrant mani. Once you lay your base color down, she recommends dipping your tips into a bold polish before blending. It’s a simple way to DIY the fade at home.


Accent Fade

Rock the French fade on just one finger for a chic accent nail.


Mismatched Nails

Pair some French fade tips with glittery nails and other designs for an eclectic mix that’s sure to turn heads.


Glitter Fade

Recreate the fade effect with glitter nail polish — all you have to do is go heavy with the sparkle on your tips.

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