Glossier's Deodorant Is Like Skin Care For Your Armpits

I’m obsessed.

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Meet the new Glossier Deodorant, a body care product that functions as skin care for your pits.
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Glossier is the go-to beauty brand for anyone who wants sleek, minimal makeup and skin care that adds a dose of glitter, a slick of shine, or a wash of color. Beauty girlies can spot a Glossier product from a mile away thanks to its signature simplistic packaging — the kind you love showing off in shelfies and leaving out on your bathroom counter. While you might not think that would apply to a deodorant, think again.

The just-launched Glossier Deodorant is not only beautiful to look at with its sleek, white tube, but it also hits all the right marks with its ingredients (er, lack thereof). The formula is vegan, cruelty-free, non-comedogenic, and made without aluminum, baking soda, acids, or anything else that might cause irritation or mess with the pH of your skin — something that so many deodorants tend to do. (Ever deal with an armpit rash?)

Glossier set out to create a deodorant that basically serves as functional skin care for your pits. And so, beyond keeping you dry and odor-free, it contains ingredients like elderberry extract and coconut oil to nourish your skin and fight off smells. Then there’s potato starch, which works to absorb moisture, and magnesium hydroxide, aka a pH adjuster and moisture absorber, so you don’t sweat through your shirts.

The deodorants come in four scents: Sandstone, an earthy sandalwood-spiked fragrance inspired by Big Sur; Glossier You, which smells exactly like the brand’s iconic perfume; Orange Blossom Neroli, a citrusy scent you might recognize from the Body Hero collection; and Unscented, for those who prefer the fragrance-free route. Also of note? The deodorant packaging is refillable and recyclable, so whenever you finish one stick, simply recycle it and purchase a Refill Stick to pop into the outer case.


Personally, I’ve been on a years-long hunt for a deodorant that’s natural yet effective, but haven’t had much luck. Natural deodorants often work for an hour or two before sweat and odor start to break through, but that didn’t happen with Glossier’s Deodorant. I slicked on Orange Blossom Neroli and made it through a busy day and an exercise class without a whiff of BO. I loved the way it kept my pits dry, too, while doubling as a light perfume. It’s officially become my everyday deodorant. Shop it for yourself below.

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