Half Magic Beauty Is Here With The Euphoria Makeup Of Your Dreams

Created by Donni Davy herself.

Donni Davy's Half Magic beauty line is officially here with 'Euphoria'-inspired makeup essentials.
Half Magic

If there’s one person behind today’s obsession with colorful and experimental makeup looks, it’s Donni Davy. Ever since the HBO series Euphoria premiered in June 2019 and viewers caught sight of the rhinestone-studded, rainbow-hued, iridescent glam Davy created for the show’s main characters, the makeup artist’s vibrant aesthetic has maintained a strong grip on the cultural zeitgeist (and has even arguably influenced the explosion of bold pigments on beauty shelves as a whole). So when rumors that Davy’s own makeup brand was in the works began to swirl, fans remained on high alert. Now, finally, that time has come: Half Magic is officially here.

The makeup line, available on the brand’s website as of May 17, delivers on what one would expect from Euphoria’s Emmy-award-winning makeup designer. There are liquid glitter eyeshadows, velvety lip creams, opalescent highlighters, matte shadows, a dewy setting mist, lip liners, tools (including Wing Magician, a silicone guide for perfect eyeliner application), and — of course — different kinds of face gems, all ranging between $10 and $26. The brand promises every single product offers high saturation pigment that delivers full-throttle color in one swipe.

Though Half Magic’s offerings appeal to Euphoria devotees looking to recreate Maddy or Cassie’s makeup looks, Davy says the line is truly for everyone. “I want the brand to appeal to newbies but also to makeup connoisseurs,” she tells Bustle. That’s evident with some of the more everyday shades within the line — take Mouth Cloud in Magic Brownie, a rosy-brown lip color, for instance, or the Chromaddiction Matte shadows that can be worn as eyeliner. But maximalists have plenty to play around with, too. “Everything’s made to layer together,” says Davy. “You can create a bold, colorful look with glitter by using the eye paints as a primer, though you can wear them on their own.” She also created stick-on rose gold and silver spike face gems as well as neon rhinestones in addition to the more classic iridescent crystals.

Half Magic

I had the pleasure of visiting Davy in her makeup trailer in New York City to preview the line before it hit the shelves, and I have to say: Half Magic exceeded my expectations. She applied a tri-color cat eye — complete with gemstones on the wing — to my lids using the brand’s Chromaddiction in Sky Juice (a vivid matte cloud blue) and Wild Caught (a matte salmon), topped with the shimmery Chromaddiction in Spirit Guide, a sparkling periwinkle that Davy said was her personal fave. My cheeks got a wash of Light Trap in Spiritually Complex, a highlighter-slash-blush that looks purple but melts into a wearable Barbie pink upon application. On my lips, Davy applied Magic Brownie (my new everyday staple) followed by one of the Sculptitude 2-in-1 lip liners, the brand’s double-sided pencils that can be worn on their own, as a traditional liner, or be used to create an ombré lip.

I’ve been playing around with the Half Magic line for the last two weeks — and something that stands out, IMO, is how every single product centers on ease of use. That’s something Davy set to do, because, well, she wants people to feel emboldened to use makeup for self-expression. The Chromaddiction brushes are slanted and feature a pointed tip so you can easily create a thin line or a full swatch, depending on the look you’re going for. The Adornment Tweezers help you apply Face Gems — which stick via a medical-grade adhesive — with precision. There’s a Precision Eye Liner Brush for easy eyeliner smudging and clean-up. Basically, even I, an older Millennial, feel adept enough to create a funky makeup look with these products.

Head to to shop the collection for yourselfsomething I highly recommend doing, whether you’re a Euphoria stan or simply love makeup.

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