Jameela Jamil Did Her Own Pop Art-Inspired Makeup For ‘Legendary

10s across the board.

by Hilary Shepherd
Jameela Jamil, judge on the HBO Max series 'Legendary,' recently showed off her makeup skills on Ins...
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The second season of voguing competition show Legendary premiered earlier this month on HBO Max, and naturally, there’s been no shortage of glam since the series dropped. It isn’t just limited to the contestants (although who could forget the Haus of Tisci’s recent ‘80s moment that was so incredible it earned perfect 10s across the board?) Jameela Jamil’s makeup look on the latest episode was a standout too.

Throughout the show, Jamil and the other judges — Law Roach, Leiomy Maldonado, Megan Thee Stallion, and one celebrity guest judge (so far this season, stars like Normani and Nicco Annan have made appearances) — often serve looks related to the episode’s theme. In the spirit of drag ball culture, Jamil has taken it a step further by creating — and applying — her very own elaborate beauty looks for some of the episodes.

For the newest episode, themed “Pop Tart,” the outspoken English actor and radio host sported colorful, pop art-themed makeup. With exaggerated eyeliner, an aqua-blue tear drop, a sparkly red lip, and black streaks that made her look like a real-life comic book character, Jamil’s look gave off major Roy Lichtenstein vibes. Although she documented the application process on her Instagram stories, Jamil’s makeup bag is *just* out of focus, leaving viewers wondering what products she used to achieve the fun, cartoonish look (and in awe of the actor’s makeup skills.)

Here’s hoping she’ll drop the deets soon like she did for episode three’s “Tinseltown” theme, where she donned a red glitter lip, dramatic winged liner, and a Marilyn Monroe-inspired beauty mark above her cheekbone. “I did this glitter lip with gloss and glitter powder,” Jamil wrote on Instagram. “I think I used @maccosmetics but you can use any glitter powder on any gloss.” (Here’s a DIY primer should you be inclined to try and recreate Jamil’s sparkly pout.)

You can see Jamil’s full look — including her matching outfit, styled by none other than her fellow judge Roach — on episode five, available to stream now on HBO Max.