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Julia Fox Is Low-Key Obsessed With Butt Cut-Outs


Julia Fox wears heart-shaped butt cut-out leggings in black.
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In the fashion world, Julia Fox is the gift that keeps on giving. Whether she’s attending New York Fashion Week in a wedding dress, or promoting her newly-released memoir Down The Drain wearing leather undies, she always takes fashion risks that inspire and awe. And they always pay off.

Case in point: On Thursday, Fox hit the streets of Brooklyn in a massive butt cut-out that showed her cheeks. The NSFW style is quickly becoming her go-to look.

Business In The Front...

From the front, Fox’s all-black attire seemed fairly innocuous. For Sorel’s launch event, the Uncut Gems star wore an itty-bitty bandeau bra affixed with puffy, off-the-shoulder sleeves.

Though wearing a bra as a shirt may seem daring in itself, it’s run-of-the-mill for Fox, who loves a revealing ensemble. (In fact, she wore a nearly identical top in white earlier that same day, styled with a visible thong.) The newly minted author paired the top with fitted leggings, also in black.

The skin-tight garment sat inches below her navel, reminiscent of Y2K-era waistband heights. Though low-rise bottoms have been causing fashion discourse for over two decades, they feel relatively tame by Fox’s risqué standards. (She once famously DIY-ed her own jeans to make them ride dangerously low.)

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Cheeky In The Back

From behind, her ’fit told an entirely different story. When she turned around, Fox revealed a massive butt cut-out in the shape of a heart. Her pants also included a built-in thong that cut right down the center.

The cheek-flaunting window was lined with a lace trim, adding to the coquette aesthetic she’s been leaning into recently. This cutesy, saccharine detail expertly tempered the spice factor.

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On theme for the event, Fox wore a pair of Sorel lace-up booties. While it’s typically challenging to source the exact items she wears, her shoes are still available and retail for $200. She further merchandised the inky ensemble with a simple, crescent-shaped bag.

She Twinned With Kourtney K

You may have already spotted Fox’s shocking leggings on a different star: Kourtney Kardashian. The reality star donned an identical pair in a photo posted last April.

Taking a more laid-back approach, Kardashian styled hers with a sports jersey and platform boots.

Julia Fox, Butt Cut-Out Aficionado

It’s not the first time Fox has rocked a butt cut-out — it’s not even the second. She’s returned to the booty-flaunting style various times over the past year. Last week’s cheek-forward romp, however, is her most revealing take yet.

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