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12 Times Julia Fox Rocked The Visible Thong Trend

She’s an innovator.

Julia Fox is the queen of the exposed thong trend. Here, the star in a daring gown.
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The chaotic stylistic leanings of the early aughts have made an impressive revival in recent tears, from low-rise jeans to butterfly clips. Nothing was more chaotic nor controversial, however, than the exposed thong look. It’s an aesthetic only the most fashion-forward of stars (i.e., Hailey Bieber, Dua Lipa, Jennifer Lopez, and Doja Cat) have returned to. But it’s Julia Fox who’s taken to the trend and led the modern-day exposed thong revolution.

For the fashion provocateur, the exposed thong look isn’t just a trend. It’s a whole personality. A certified expert on revealing undies, she’s bared her panties countless times in all possible style permutations. She’s flitted between flaunting thongs under sheer dresses, to teasingly subtler takes like showing stringy straps. The Forbidden Fruits host also loves a good Y2K homage, rocking the whale-tail style symbolic of the era.

Of course, the Uncut Gems star has also taken the trend quite literally. Her avant-garde ensembles have included stylishly wearing leather undies with no pants, melding two risqué trends at once. She’s also been a fan of showcasing her thong via another controversial style: the butt cut-out.

Surely, Fox will find even more ways to don the style in the future. Until then, behold a comprehensive roundup of Fox’s most memorable exposed thong outfits yet.

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Fox went avant-garde in a puffy and sculptural all-over sequin dress in crimson — a major fall trend — and showed her thong by way of a butt cut-out (another favorite look of hers).

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To attend the 2022 CFDA Awards, Fox went edgy in a dress with one gigantic cut-out that showed off both her bra and her thong.

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Fox loves to take the exposed thong and pantsless trends, and combine them into her own unique hybrid. Here, she rocked spicy leather undies paired with massive fuzzy boots. So iconic.

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Here’s a more subtle take on the look that’s just as racy: peek-a-boo straps under a micro mini skirt.

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Giving the Canadian tuxedo a spicy makeover, Fox stunned in denim co-ords that included a wrap top and strappy thong.

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Sometimes, Fox’s thongs stay subtle in the background of her ‘fit. In this case, the contrasting lingerie peered subtly through her white dress.

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Fox seems to have invested in ostentatious underwear for the very purpose of parading them. This one with chain straps is too good to not exhibit.

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Love this grungy PVC ensemble on Fox that fully show-off her bikini top and stringy underwear.

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Thong-flaunting rule number one: If you’re going to expose your undies, make sure they are worth seeing. This PVC thong under a sheer white dress with a massive cut-out is the best example of that.

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Freed nipples and exposed thongs punctuated this revealing look. The most eye-catching part of her ‘fit, however, was her condom-laden bag.

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Leather undies punctuated another one of her avant-garde ensembles.

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The Uncut Gems star harkened back to the early aughts in pants with a built-in whale tail. (This look also featured a generous amount of butt cleavage.)