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Kim Kardashian, North, & Chicago Got Matching Pink Lip Gloss Nails

Just girly things.

Kim Kardashian, North West, & Chicago West got matching pink lip gloss nails with bow nail art for V...
Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

If you know anything about Kim Kardashian, you likely know that the mogul has always been a short nail kinda girl through and through who hardly ever strays from neutral beiges or barely-there pinks.

Though as of late, single Kardashian has been clearly down to experiment with her go-to manicure — and on more than one occasion, has ditched her longtime signature look in lieu of some stiletto press-ons in an on-trend French, as well as a more daring lime green vibe. And just as her eldest daughter, North West, is growing up and *also* experimenting with her personal look and identity, it’s clear that North constantly keeps her mother on her toes (and even has the self-proclaimed non-dancer dancing on TikTok).

Most recently? Kim, North, and her youngest daughter Chicago (who sweetly goes by the name Chi) got some adorable matching pink lip gloss nails in time for Valentine’s Day.

Painted by Kim Truong — who also calls Camila Cabello and Kourtney Kardashian clients — they all decided on a subtle baby pink hue all over the nails, with a Barbiecore pink shade outlining the entire nail. And to top of the look, their ring fingers featured an adorable baby pink nail charm in the shape of a bow.

Kim also took to her Instagram stories to say that while she and North had some nail extensions added, Chi just had her natural nails painted to match theirs sans any tips (though her Instagram followers have yet to see her adorable nails at the moment).

Meanwhile, North took to TikTok to share her artistic prowess, showcasing a very impressive sketch of rapper Ice Spice and her matching mani moment at the same time.