5 Chic Ways To Wear Magnetic Piercings

All the style, none of the commitment.

Your comprehensive guide to magnetic piercings.
Getty Images/ Pollyana Ventura

Whether you don’t have pierced ears or are simply in the mood to try a new look, magnetic piercings are an easy-to-use style accessory to play with. From nose rings to lip rings, septum piercings, and simple studs, magnetic jewelry allows you to experiment without having to commit.

If you’re not familiar, this type of jewelry is exactly what it sounds like. “Magnetic piercings are jewelry that stay put on the body using magnets, therefore forgoing the need to actually have your body pierced,” Diana Zola, founder of the jewelry company Nina Zola, tells Bustle. Simply place the hoops or studs where you want them on your body and let the backing do the rest — zero need for actually pierced skin required. Its magnet will be strong enough to hold a jewel or stud on your lob, ear cartilage, lip, or nose.

Much like temporary tattoos, magnetic piercings are a nifty way to test drive a piece of body art before you head out and get the real deal. If you’re trying to decide what you want to pierce, a magnetic jewel can serve as a quick experiment — even if you only try it on for a second.

They also allow you to switch up your look at a moment’s notice, which is perfect if you’re someone whose tastes change on the regular. (You know how you want a tattoo and bangs one minute, and piercings and highlighted hair the next? Because... same.) Read on for the unique benefits of magnetic piercings, the downsides to know about, and some jewelry options to shop if you’re ready to give it a try.

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Benefits Of Magnetic Jewelry

Ear piercings may be the stepping stone of the body art world, but not everyone’s ready to venture out beyond that. “I feel a lot of people love these looks [like septum and lip rings] but do not want to go through the actual piercing process as it takes a very long time to heal,” Zola says. “Some workplaces also don’t accept face jewelry, so magnetic piercings give people the option to take it off and on whenever they want.” There’s also the pain factor. “Many people have a fear of piercing needles and low pain tolerance,” Zola says, making magnetic jewelry a great alternative.

This type of jewelry can also come in a clutch if you aren’t a fan of traditional piercings. For example: “If you have limited mobility or vision, traditional jewelry clasps and closures can be difficult, if not impossible [to work with],” Jessica Richards, a fashion consultant, trend forecaster, and founder of JMR Design Consulting, tells Bustle. “That’s why magnetic closures are a detail being considered across multiple silhouettes in the jewelry market as brands are paying closer attention to where they are able to incorporate more accessibility-friendly features without compromising design integrity.”

Are Magnetic Piercings Safe?

Since magnetic earrings only cling to the skin — and thus aren’t actually piercings at all — they’re considered a safer and often comfier option than the real deal. They also cause less irritation to the skin, Zola says, which may be extra appealing if you’re someone who constantly gets infections — or even keloids — when piercings heal poorly or because you’re allergic to certain metals.

That said, magnetic piercings do have a few downsides of their own. While plenty of quality brands offer magnets that are strong enough to hold a stud, jewel, or hoop in place, it’s still possible to accidentally knock your jewelry off, possibly while fixing your hair or getting dressed, which can feel like a pinch or get caught in your ponytail. You might also have to readjust the jewel throughout the day if it starts to slide — an annoyance you don’t have to face with true piercings.

The other downside is that magnets can be dangerous, especially if you accidentally inhale or ingest them. That’s why it’s important to carefully attach your jewelry and then remain aware of it throughout the day, especially when wearing a nose stud or lip ring. If the magnet ends up inside your body, go to the ER right away to make sure it doesn’t cause any internal damage.

Magnetic Jewelry Ideas


These cute little fake piercings from the Etsy shop CurlyCuffs are cute if you want to start small or keep things simple. Just place the stud on the front of your ear where you want it to sit, then add the second magnet behind your ear until you feel it attach.

Nose Ring

Not ready to deal with getting your nose pierced? Consider rocking one of these sparkly studs. You’ll get two discs, one with a tiny rhinestone on it, and another, larger disc with a high-quality magnet on it. Simply stick them together and it’ll look like you hopped on the nose piercing trend.

Septum Ring

Put this horseshoe-style ring on your septum and instantly fulfill all your pierced nose fantasies. You could also clip it to the helix or tragus areas on your ear. The middle part has a strong magnet so it’ll stay put as you show off your look.

Pearl Studs

These classy little studs will give you the look of real pearl earrings, without having to, you know, actually get your lobes pierced.

Ear Cuff

You don’t have to stick with studs — consider something like these gold and pearl chains from ModingoStore to add a little bling to your cartilage. Stack two or three together for a piercing-free curated lobe.