16 Mushroom Tattoo Ideas That Are So '70s-Chic

Embrace the fungi.

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If you find yourself suddenly drawn to groovy mushroom motifs, you aren’t alone. On TikTok, mushroom decor is set to be one of the biggest fall home trends, with over 107 million views. There are mushroom pillows, mushroom rugs, mushroom lamps — and each one is more adorable than the next. So it makes sense that mushroom tattoos are getting popular, too.

With over 3.3 billion views on TikTok, the search for mushroom tattoo ideas shows everything from cute fairycore-style toadstools to trippy, ’70s shroom motifs, says Cassie May, a tattoo artist in Toronto, Ontario. “For some, mushrooms can symbolize spiritual power, heightened awareness, guidance, and the deeper truths of the universe,” she tells Bustle. “And for others, they are just a cute depiction of their love for nature.”

Like cowboy boot tattoos and other cutesy designs, the love for mushroom tats likely got its start in flash sales, where you choose a design already created by an artist. “From my perspective, they are super fun to draw, design, and tattoo on clients,” says Lorena Lorenzo, a tattoo artist and owner of Indigo ArTattoos. “We can create them in either black and gray or bold, bright colors.” Many artists also add magical elements, like fairies, moons, and crystals for a perfectly cottagecore touch.

Keep scrolling for an array of mushroom tattoos to forage for inspiration.


Mushroom Girly

Some of the cutest mushroom tats feature a fairy with a mushroom head, like this design by May. The fairy pairs perfectly with dark, woodsy plants, like ivy and ferns, for an overall magical vibe.


Mushroom & Moon

This shroom design stands out with the twinkling night sky and filled-in accents on the fungi.


Mushroom Lamp

Bring together your love for mushroom decor and fungi with a mushroom lamp tat, as seen in this design from Los Angeles-based artist @lampladytattoos.


Cartoony Shroom

For an extra cute tat, go for a colorful cartoony figure with a mushroom for a hat.


Mushroom Head

The fine line silhouette of a person with mushrooms, flowers, and ferns blooming out of their head is very The Last Of Us, but in a cute way.


Tiny Toadstool

This chunky toadstool looks straight out of a fairytale.


Garden Snail

Bring the garden to your body art collection by pairing a tiny snail with a mushroom motif.


Little Mushroom Guy

Get yourself a little mushroom friend to take with you wherever you go.


Fine Line

Mushroom tattoos run the gamut from realistic to cartoony, depending on your taste. This tiny, fine line tat keeps things simple.


Happy & Sad

Represent your moods with a pair of mushrooms, one happy and one sad.



When in doubt, ask your artist for a bunny wearing a mushroom hat.


Sleepy Cat

For the most adorable tattoo ever, go for a cat resting up against a mushroom.


Ignorant Style

Mushrooms, like this adorable number, make for the perfect addition to your ignorant-style tat collection.



Transform a simple dainty mushroom tat into a work of art with the right shading.



Another fun option? A string of fine line shrooms wrapped around your ankle.


Shroom Stamp

Go ahead and create the postage stamp of your ’70s-chic dreams: one with an adorable mushroom smack-dab in the middle.

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