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8 Summer 2024 Fashion Trends Celebrities Are Already Wearing

I saw Gigi Hadid wearing denim capris, so I bought denim capris.

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Trend Report
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Millennials, congrats on reaching the beginning of a new trend cycle. Everything that was cool when you were a kid is now in style, once again — only this time, you’re an adult with the money to buy whatever your heart desires. Dream wardrobe, loading...

Jokes aside, the biggest fashion trends for summer 2024 aren’t all procured from your childhood memories — although callbacks like capris and longline tops will certainly feel familiar. Gen Z’s ever-eclectic tendencies have inspired some brand new trends, from the unexpected mesh ballet flat to produce-heavy prints and more.

Each of the trends below has hit the virality trifecta: they’ve been spotted on the spring/summer runways, approved by it girls and fashionistas, and are currently having a moment on TikTok. From resin sunnies to east-west bags, read on for the hottest trends of the summer.

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Perhaps no article of clothing has experienced as many trend shifts over the last few years as the humble pant. First, skinny jeans were effectively banned. Then, shorts got much shorter and waistlines dipped lower than ever before. Now, the fashion set is coming for the bottom half of your pant legs. Yep, capris are back, baby!

This season’s capris are fully cropped, usually hitting just below the knee. The retro look got Gigi Hadid’s stamp of approval when she paired a black tank with some denim capris and pointy-toed shoes — an easy outfit recipe to duplicate for any occasion. The silhouette was also seen on the runway at Coperni (I’m lusting after the ruffly denim pair), Casablanca, Retrofete, and 3.1 Phillip Lim.

If baring your calves feels a little unfamiliar, ease into the trend with a leggings-inspired pair à la Kendall Jenner. A cropped legging feels somehow less intimidating but looks equally cool. Those on the opposite end of the spectrum can dive right in with leopard print or crimson red styles.

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I hereby give you permission to start saying “y’all” in everyday conversation, because cowboycore has officially reached its peak. From Beyonce’s country-glam era to Bella Hadid’s rodeo girlfriend pivot, there’s never been a better time to be a horse girl. Or to dress like one!

While I don’t recommend committing to chaps and spurs, nailing cowboycore is all about the details, so go big on accessories. A cowboy hat and a great pair of boots are essential (take a stroll through your local Boot Barn to see what I mean). But subtler elements with western flair — like concho belts and paisley print — might make more sense for a not-so-country lifestyle. Just make sure you’re blasting “Texas Hold ‘Em” while you get dressed, and you’ll nail it.

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Perhaps the easiest way to change up your look, without getting a whole new wardrobe, is to introduce a new pair of sunnies into your regular rotation. Glasses can completely elevate an otherwise average outfit — and the industry’s most stylish are embracing that fact more than ever. Catch me putting that photo of Rihanna in her oversized Tom Fords at the center of my summer mood board.

Instead of metal stems, try resin or acetate frames for a chunky, cool-girl feel. Often with an ’80s aviator shape and colorful tinted lenses, these statement sunnies have officially replaced micro lenses.

Don’t feel like you need to save these only for your funky ’fits, though. Rocking standout shades with otherwise standard ensembles is the ultimate way to show off your personal style, without feeling OTT.

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When fashion it girls like Sofia Richie Grainge and Hailey Bieber step out carrying the same handbag style, it’s only a matter of time before the bag is absolutely everywhere. Of course, I’m talking about the east-west silhouette.

This season is all about long, skinny bags that work well for daytime attire, nights out, and everything in between. The shape has been a favorite in the luxury space for a minute now (see: Ferragamo, Alaïa, Prada, Loewe, and so many more), but contemporary brands are finally getting in on the fun.

After seeing Anna Delvey wear her Fréja Chrystie bag with an ankle monitor, I’m convinced these babies pair well with absolutely everything.

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I never thought I’d see the day, but it appears the beloved crop top’s ranking as the No. 1 Going-Out Top has been usurped by a silhouette with a little more substance. And a lot more length. Longline tube tops, vests, and tunics have become the go-to for styling skirts, trousers, and everything in between.

On the runway, the look turned heads at Tory Burch and Litkovska. As for celebs, Emma Roberts donned a gorgeous two-piece with lingerie-inspired lace detailing, and Kelly Rutherford took a page from her Gossip Girl alter ego in crisp white separates.

A matching set is undoubtedly the easiest way to rock the look, but feel free to ease in with one great top you can mix and match. A longline tank or tube top is a perfect match for flowy linen pants, the aforementioned capris, slip skirts, and so much more. For the ultimate juxtaposition, go for short shorts or a micro-mini skirt to contrast the longer hemline.

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but just about any fruit will do for this trend. The era of foodie fashion has arrived and picniccore styles are all the rage. Let your latest farmer’s market run serve as inspo for your summertime wardrobe, as cherries, tomatoes, and berries have all been tapped as sartorial fodder.

Separately from the produce department, sardines, green olives, and martinis are also represented in this quirky trend. Pair with your daily dose of greens (eaten or styled) and a pop of red gingham an eclectic cottagecore vibe.

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Bold red and sky blue are still trending, but no color trend will spread across your closet as smoothly as butter yellow. Perhaps the most underrated of all pastels, the sunny shade is here to provide an elevated alternative to summer brights.

Already, the dreamy hue has been spotted on celebs like Keke Palmer, Rihanna, and Emma Chamberlain. On the runway, pale yellow popped up at Versace, Aigner, and 3.1 Phillip Lim. The pastel’s understated nature is what makes it so unexpectedly cool; it’s a shade that doesn’t beg for attention, but draws it all the same.

If it feels like too big a departure from your usual color palette, start small with a handbag or some flats.

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Last but not least, allow me to introduce summer’s love-it-or-hate-it footwear trend. It’s no secret that ballet flats are back, but this season’s best iterations are made from lightweight, breathable mesh — and the results are surprisingly chic.

Mesh flats got the luxury stamp of approval when celebs (read: Jennifer Lawrence, Chrissy Teigen, Kourtney Kardashian) fan-girled over versions by Alaïa and The Row, and their popularity has continued to explode as we enter the warmer months.

When it comes to styling flats that put your feet on full display, try not to overthink it. They might seem tricky to tackle at first glance, but subbing them in for your usual Sambas will add some oomph to even the simplest of summer ’fits.