14 Fall-Ready Manicures You Can Wear At Thanksgiving Dinner

And really all year round.

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With Thanksgiving fast approaching, flights are booking fast and dishes are being planned. Perhaps slightly less important, but certainly not to be ignored, is the festive designs you could be dreaming up for your next manicure. Consider this a reminder that it's a great time to get your fingers prepped with some creative Thanksgiving themed nails to begin the 2021 holiday season with style.

If there ever was the perfect opportunity to get quirky and colorful with your nails, now's the time. Thanksgiving comes with plenty of inspo for some amazing holiday nail art. Whether its the rich colors of fall leaves, historical references, or even the delicious food soon to be filling your belly, there are plenty of designs to showcase your love for Thanksgiving. You can always go for a classic fall nail mani full of deep burgundy hues, bright oranges, and gold shimmer if getting holiday specific is going too far. But there's nothing wrong with going all out with nails decked in delicious pies and gobbling turkeys.

Whether you're ready to give your technician a call or you're feeling like testing the DIY nail art waters, painting your pretties with any of these 14 ideas for Thanksgiving nails will make your pointers the talk of the dinner table.

1. Minimalistic Fine Lines

Muted neutrals make for a great casual nail look. Pick different shades and draw them diagonally on the nail in very thin lines.

2. Gold Leaf Nails

Who doesn’t love a good coffin nail? This holiday season, dress it up with pretty metallic gold leaf patterns.

3. Literal Thanksgiving Nails

It might be difficult to do without the help of a nail pro, but there’s no denying these food prints are super adorable — and very on the nose for Thanksgiving.

4. Checkered Nail Art

How fun is this design? Pick a warm color, like this toffee, and checker out your nail.

5. Fall-Toned French Tips

Can’t go wrong with a French mani. Opt for different shades of brown instead of white tips and outline them in gold for something more festive.

6. Watercolor Fall Foliage

No need to head to the woods to find some foliage. Mix browns and gold in this marble design for some foliage of your own.

7. Warm Brown Polishes

Don’t want to go for a design? Do like Hailey Bieber and go with coffee-toned nails. Warm brown on an almond-shaped nail is just a classic.

8. Minimal Swirls

For a subtle groovy feel, paint on a double-lined S-curve down the middle of a bare nail.

9. The Half & Half

Mix fall colors like olive, burnt orange, and mustard on the tips of your nail and half-moon designs on the bottom.

10. Graphic Prints

Multi-colored prints in blue, burgundy, and peach make for a striking nail look. Add white leaf and dots detail to elevate it.

11. Modern Art Manis

Graphic shapes, but make it subtle. Stick to two colors — like a black and warm orange — in smaller shapes with some gold shimmer for a more modern design.

12. Shades Of Pumpkin Spice

If you’re looking for a brighter nail polish combination, turn to your favorite orange tones and paint on half-moons and French tips.

13. Cozy Vibes

This sweater print nail decal is such a nice detail for a fall nail. Opt for dark pinks and reds mixed with light neutrals.

14. Sunset Gradient Nails

The mix of burgundy, magenta, and gold makes for a super warm nail look that’s perfect for the fall season and beyond.

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