12 Winter 2023 Nail Art Trends You're About To Be Obsessed With

From edgy chrome to abstract art.

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Art and beauty mingle often, and that’s most clear when nail art enters the chat. You’ve got the teeniest little canvases right there at your fingertips, ready to take on truly limitless designs that showcase your style, your personality — or maybe just your mood that week. Basically, if you can dream it, then there’s a nail tech out there that can help you achieve it. If you’re one to switch up your manis with the seasons, though, then you’re probably wondering which nail art trends are primed to dominate this winter.

Fall was all about extra 3D ornaments and nods to Y2K style via sticker-like decals, but what can you expect with winter 2023 nail art trends? Bustle pinged a handful of celebrity manicurists and nail art pros for what they predict will be the hottest nail trends of the season. To tease just a few: Expect the glazed donut trend to get a cozier revamp, and keep your eyes peeled for plenty of opulent glamour by way of stone-encrusted nails and metallic chrome. But minimalist classics like the French manicure and barely-there decor will also have a moment, according to the pros.

If you’re looking for inspiration ahead of your next mani appointment, then keep scrolling to discover 12 nail art trends that will be everywhere come winter 2023.


French Ombré

Celebrity nail artist and educator Mimi D. calls French ombré (aka “the baby boomer nail”) a classic that goes with any season. Still, the clean, frosty vibes just scream winter wonderland. “With winter, I foresee nail art lovers elevating the look by adding their favorite glitter to the ombré or some gems to the cuticle line to make it their own,” she tells Bustle.


Diamond-Encrusted Nails

According to Britney Boyce, celebrity nail artist and founder of Nails of LA, opulent tips will rule all winter 2023. Whether on short or long nails, Boyce says you’ll see plenty of bejeweled, stone- and diamond-encrusted manis throughout the season. “People want their nail art to match their jewelry and accessories,” she says — and sometimes a 2D design just isn’t grand enough.


Winterized Glazed Donut Nails

The glazed donut nail trend took over this past summer, and Sand Spa CEO and co-founder Meghan Richardson-Tiernan thinks it’ll hang around through winter — with a warmed-up revamp. Expect that same frosty shimmer but in browns, rich greens, and reds that are perfect for the holiday season.

Pro tip: Celebrity manicurist Steph Stone says you can also achieve the on-trend look this winter with the shimmery hues from essie’s Wrapped in Luxury Collection.


Classic French Manicure

Rita Remark, essie’s global lead educator and nail artist, says true to the ’90s-era resurgence, “French manicures are back in a big way.” Her take? The funky twists on French manis that have dominated will start to give way to the always-classic pink and white version, like the high-gloss nails seen here.


Patent Leather Nails

Shorter, natural shapes finished in rich, dark, and ultra-shiny colors will be everywhere winter 2023, Boyce predicts. The allure is clear: They’re minimal, fuss-free, and almost look like leather tips — which is just so cool. For the perfect patent finish, Boyce says to reach for the ORLY Shining Armor Long Wear Topcoat.


Abstract Art

During the winter months, Richardson-Tiernan says you’ll spot plenty of subtle yet graphic nail art on your feeds and IRL. “We expect minimal abstract designs to continue to trend,” she tells Bustle. “They never go out of style and are very popular on social media.”


White Chrome

If you’re still loving the OG “glazed donut” manicure, then Mimi D. says you’re in luck because the milky manis aren’t going away anytime soon. And why would they? “It’s a design that looks good on everyone and works for any nail length,” says Mimi D. Wear it on its own or lean into that wintertime vibe by adding a snowflake or two, she suggests.


Minimalist Appliques

Understated stones, studs, and other applied details will be everywhere this winter, according to Remark. Think dainty and minimalist appliques. “We’ve seen so much over-the-top nail art this autumn, but sometimes less is more. It’s nice to turn down the volume while also making a statement,” she says.


Metallics & Edgy Chrome

Another forever classic? Metallic chrome. Come winter, however: “It’ll evolve to be even more punk and with more texture to it — think spikes and chains,” says Boyce. “It feels very rebellious.” Remark also expects molten-esque manis to rule the season. You can even get in on the trend with textured nail polishes, which are everywhere and “make our nails look like jewelry,” Remark notes.


Velvet Nails

You’ve seen them recently boom in popularity, but Remark says to expect sugar-like ultra-reflective glitter — sometimes called velvet nails — to really take over winter 2023. Cue the icy, futuristic vibes.


Black & White

Few contrasts are as effortlessly chic as black and white. Boyce thinks this mod color combo, whether showcased in whimsical swirls in a more streamlined design, will dominate winter nail art.


Heavy Texture

Mimi D expects nail art lovers to have lots of fun playing with texture this season. Go all-out with micro glitter or other enhancements, but TBH, a simple matte polish is an easy way to change the look and feel of your everyday mani, she notes. This set pairs a matte base with 3D gold accents for double the head-turning appeal.

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