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14 Dreamy Health & Wellness Gifts To Shop This Year

Soothe muscle aches and boost your meditation practice.

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The best health and wellness gifts of 2023, according to Bustle editors.

While there’s never a bad time for a wellness-themed gift, they really do hit different around the holidays. Not only is this season fast-paced and busy — and thus the perfect time for a stress-busting present — but it also slides right into the new year, which means all the people in your life will be setting shiny new goals and fun intentions for 2024.

As they take a closer look at their routines, why not surprise them with a few treats that’ll make them feel extra good? If you have someone on your list who’s been on a wellness kick, they’ll no doubt appreciate a sleep-boosting gift, like a soothing pillow spray or a calming night light.

This is also the time of year when everyone gets excited about their workout routine again, which is why recovery tools are always a hot commodity. After all, nothing will ruin your momentum quite like a sore muscle or achy feet. Hydration is also key in January — and all year round. So when in doubt, wrap up the coolest water bottle you can find.

The gift guide below has all that and more. Give it a scroll for health and wellness ideas that are perfect for every self-care stan on your list.

1. A Cozy Night Light

Combat the dreary early sunsets with this special light from Casper. It gives off the perfect glow for a cozy evening in, and it serves as a self-dimming night light that’s designed to lull you into a gentle slumber. It also brightens in the morning to wake you up naturally without an alarm. While it works on its own, you can use the app to schedule wake-up times and use other customized settings.

2. The Perfect Gym Bag

Let’s be real: Gym bags are rarely cute. If you or someone in your life tends to stuff your shorts into an ugly duffle, it might be time to pick up something a little chicer, like this sling bag from Dagne Dover. It comes in black, green, lavender, cream, and a blue wavy check print, but more importantly, it has all sorts of nifty pockets that’ll keep your phone, keys, and water bottle secure while you work out. Use it to tote essentials to the gym or on your hot girl walks.

3. A Double-Duty Water Bottle

As a two-in-one water bottle and foam roller, the Mobot gives you everything you need to recover after your first jog of the new year. Roll out your arms, legs, and glutes on the nubby exterior, then pop the top and have a drink. It may look hefty, but the bottle is actually super lightweight, so you can carry it with you throughout the day. Fill it with ice for an extra chilly roll.

4. A Skin-Saving Humidifier

This isn’t your parents’ clunky old humidifier — this sleek baby is designed with healthy skin in mind. The dermatologist-approved device hydrates a space up to 500 square feet, while a sensor maintains optimal moisture both day and night, so you wake up with the dewiest skin around. As a bonus, you’ll also notice that it alleviates dry nose and mouth symptoms, improves sleep, and eases cold symptoms.

5. A Comforting Candle

Whether you’re crying in the bath or on the couch, make sure you light the “After A Good Cry” candle from Cavo as soon as you’re done letting it all out. The refreshing scent of rainwater, lavender, vanilla bean, and bourbon will fit the mood, as will the playlist that was designed with this candle in mind. Think “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus, “Sadness Is a Blessing” by Lykke Li, and “Matilda” by Harry Styles. Vibes.

6. A Weighted Pillow

Fans of weighted blankets will be so into the Hugget. It’s a weighted pillow that comes in two sizes: a medium knot that can be hugged and squeezed to relieve stress or a larger one that activates pressure points and can be used as a sleeper cushion or for extra comfort on the couch. Both are hand-knotted from responsive plant-based Meloam for the ultimate squishy experience. (They look really cute on your couch, too.)

7. The Coziest Sweats

These sweatpants have it all. The flattering straight-leg design is made from super-soft brushed French terry, so you’ll be warm and cozy whether you’re at home or out running errands. The thick drawstring waist allows you to adjust the fit, and they even have extra deep pockets that are big enough to hold your phone and keys.

8. A Stress-Reducing Pillow Spray

To make sure everyone on your list is feeling zen, give them the Vagus Nerve Pillow Mist from Osea, a spray that creates a calming atmosphere thanks to chamomile, lavender, and juniper oils. These scents work together to activate the body’s relaxation response through the vagus nerve to help regulate stress so you can finally catch some zzzs.

9. A Gently Caffeinated Pick-Me-Up

If you need a good-for-you drink that also puts some pep in your step, look no further than the Invigorating Energizer from Kin Euphorics. This sparkling bev is made with an herbaceous blend of ginger, orange bitters, hibiscus, and citrus, as well as caffeine, 5HTP, and GABA to get you ready for a tough workout, busy day, or fun night out. FWIW, Bella Hadid is a fan.

10. A Handheld Breathwork Coach

If you love the idea of cultivating a breathwork practice but can never quite get the hang of it, then pick up a handheld Moonbird. This chargeable device fits in the palm of your hand and directs you through various breathing exercises by expanding and contracting right along with you. It also has an app that keeps track of your heart rate and other stats, so you can witness your mind and body relax in real time. Consider it the perfect gift for your stressed-out friend.

11. The Best Post-Gym Sandal

Say goodbye to achy post-workout feet with Hoke’s Ora Recovery Slide. Whether you snag the violet purple, raspberry red, or this perfectly minimalist sand hue, you’re guaranteed to be the coolest person leaving the gym. Recognized by the American Podiatric Medical Association, these slides were designed to be worn between workouts to speed up recovery. They feature four airflow channels, a sustainably made sugarcane footbed, and injection-molded outsoles for foot-cradling comfort.

12. A Luxe Gua Sha Kit

Gua sha is an ancient technique from traditional Chinese medicine, and it works wonders when it comes to decreasing puffiness and relieving muscle tension. The kit includes a heart-opening, one-of-a-kind rose quartz tool and a regenerative facial oil made with antioxidant-rich sunflower, moringa, and rose extracts to soothe inflammation and dry skin. Ahhh.

13. A Decorative Diffuser

This beautifully designed ceramic diffuser is an art piece and air freshener in one. It uses ultrasonic vibrations to pump all-natural essential oils into your home so that it always smells amazing. Choose between four- and eight-hour run times, and then set the mood with an optional LED light that gives off a candle-like glow.

14. A Science-y Recovery Tool

This portable device offers both hot and cold treatments for a unique contrasting therapy that’s been scientifically proven to treat injuries, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and maximize muscle and joint recovery — perfect for your BFF who never misses a workout class.

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