8 Genius TikTok Peloton Hacks That'll Upgrade Your Home Workouts

You'll want to try these ASAP.

These TikTok Peloton hacks will take your ride to the next level.
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You've definitely heard of Peloton. The cult-favorite digital fitness platform is all the rage now that home workouts are the norm. And if quarantine has turned you into a die-hard Pelotoner (looking at you, century riders), these 8 TikTok Peloton hacks can help take your exercise routine to the next level.

Peloton is beloved for their signature spin bikes, treadmills, and accompanying fitness class streaming service, but the app is useful whether or not you have the cardio machines: You can subscribe to the platform ($13/month) to access full-body workouts of all kinds, including live and on-demand yoga, Pilates, outdoor running, strength training, and other equipment-free classes. And, if Peloton has become your go-to source for all things home fitness, consider yourself at the cutting edge of quarantine workout trends. The platform has been in high demand since the start of the pandemic, with its sales doubling that of 2019 and even surging by 172% towards the end of 2020.

Why not make a good experience even better? Whether you're seeking a more comfortable ride, want to zone out to Netflix while you exercise, or you're looking to save money, these genius TikTok Peloton hacks will help you make the most of your home sweat sesh.


Buy An Off-Brand Spin Bike

If you want Peloton vibes minus the expense of the equipment, check out this TikToker's tip for getting the home spin setup of your dreams for a fraction of the cost. Purchase a cheaper stationary bike of your choosing, then stream the app from your TV or laptop. Your wallet will thank you.


Stream More Than Just Peloton Classes

Love your Peloton bike, but want to switch up your exercise routine? There's a hack for that. This TikTok shows you how to pull up a browser window on your Peloton screen so you can stream other workouts or even catch up on those Netflix shows you've been meaning to watch while you exercise.


Accessorize Your Spin Space

If you've been dreaming of an in-studio experience, try tricking out your bike and home gym with the fitness accessories recommended in this TikTok to make your workout space feel a little more like the real deal.


Queue Multiple Classes For A Smooth Workout

In case you missed it, the Peloton app recently added a feature that allows you to stack multiple classes so you don't skip a beat between your warm-up ride, HIIT class, and cool-down stretch session. This TikTok shows you how to do it so your workouts can be more seamless than ever before.


Upgrade Your Spin Seat

Most spin aficionados are no stranger to sore butts from logging class after class on that bike seat. If the built-in seat cushions aren't doing it for you, this TikTok suggests getting some extra padding so your buns can ride in comfort.


Work While You Pedal

Busy day at work? No problem. You can do double duty by knocking out emails or listening in on that company-wide Zoom call while you pedal, according to this TikTok.


Mix It Up With Other Class Styles

If you need a break from your bike but can't get enough of Cody Rigsby's dance moves, good news: This TikTok points out that Peloton has a whole catalogue of cardio dance workouts, many of which Cody coaches. Just go to the "Collections" section of your app, and you'll find everything from Pilates to barre and resistance band classes.


Make Your Rides A Little More Interesting

It can get boring to stare at that same white wall every time you workout. This TikTok has a solution: Use props! And if heat lamps and spray bottles aren't your thing, you can still watch the bike screen to pedal through beautiful virtual landscapes that will almost make you forget you're in your living room.