12 Sex Positions For Getting Hot & Heavy In The Car

Relive your teenage fantasy.

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Although the thought of having sex in a car might conjure up your high school days, when it was one of your very few options for getting laid, it's time to think beyond that. Yes, it might be the stuff of teenagers, but isn’t one of the fun parts of getting older reliving the behavior of your youth — like figuring out the least awkward car sex positions so you can get some action before curfew hits?

While having car sex might not always be ideal or even that comfortable, sometimes it's the only option. Plus, the "OMG, we're doing it in a car and might get caught" factor can be a fun way to change things up. However, as hot as that notion might be, you will want to keep consent and privacy issues in mind. “The person pulling into the parking space next to you might not want to see you getting it on, and if they are sufficiently upset, they might call the cops — who might arrest you,” warns Carol Queen, Ph.D., staff sexologist at Good Vibrations. “So, plan your privacy situation before you get too hot and heavy to think about it.”

Aside from not getting caught, you’ll also want to dress for the occasion. “Wear stretchy t-shirts, shorts, and skirts that you can lift or remove,” Dr. Martha Lee, D.H.S., relationship counselor, clinical sexologist, author, and owner of Eros Coaching, tells Bustle. “Being stuck trying to take off any tight clothing can dampen the sexual mood.”

With that in mind, it's time to get back to your roots, which means getting back to car sex. Honestly, how else are you supposed to spice up a cross-country drive or even a 10-minute drive to the supermarket? But finding the perfect car sex positions can prove to be a challenge, so having a few in your back pocket for when the opportunity presents itself is handy.

Here are 12 of the best car sex positions to keep it comfy and spicy. Keep in mind, this is for a basic sedan. Sex in a van could be a whole other article unto itself.



How to do it: Have your partner climb into the backseat, then follow them. While they're sitting cross-legged, sit on them in the same position, while wrapping your arms and legs around their body as they penetrate you.

Why it's a great position for the car: As long as both you and your partner can comfortably sit cross-legged and fit in the back of your car, then it's absolutely doable — unless you have a smaller car. “The back seat has to be pretty wide, with some leg room for overlap, if you want to do this,” says Queen. “But you could angle to the side a bit, and that might facilitate it. This is a truly lovely, intimate position, so if you feel too squeezed in the car, try it outside the car sometime.” It should also be noted that achieving climax in this position can take awhile. So, with that in mind, park your car someplace where you won't feel like you need to rush through it.



How to do it: Honestly, you can probably pull this one off either laying down in the back seat or laying down in the passenger seat — you’ll just want the passenger seat back as far as possible. While in the spooning position have your partner penetrate you.

Why it's a great position for the car: Because this position requires that your bodies both be on their sides and pretty much squished together, it's definitely doable for the car. “The main limiting factor with this position is if one or both partners are quite tall, but because it involves a bit of curling up (not quite a fetal position, but not legs straight out either), it can work for many,” notes Queen. “If the ‘inside spoon’ partner doesn't have much room on the seat, the ‘outside spoon’ can help support them by holding them close.”



How to do it: While both on your sides facing each other, drape your leg over your partner's hip, and pull them in as close as possible while they penetrate you.

Why it's a great position for the car: Again, here's a position that involves your two bodies being up against each other as tight as possible, making it a good position to try laying down in the backseat or laying down in the passenger seat. The width of your seats could be a limiting factor, however. “The more you can stretch out, with your partner's legs twined closely with yours, the easier it is to manage,” Queen tells Bustle. They recommend trying this with the person on top resting their head on the dashboard and bringing along a sex pillow.



How to do it: There are so many ways this could go down, as it’s one of the least constricting car sex positions you could try. “As with most of these other positions, you'll have more room if you move to the backseat,” Queen suggests. “But be creative,” she adds. “If there's really nobody outside the car to observe you, the person receiving the oral could stand outside the open window. Just a little kinky!”

Why it’s great for the car:Oral in a car is really a classic,” says Queen, “In a large enough car, you can even do 69! One partner lies on their back on the backseat; the other kneels over them, knees on either side of their head and pointing towards their feet. If car size and height makes it too challenging to get mouths to genitals simultaneously, at least you can trade off stimulation.” Really, no matter how small the car, you can wiggle into some way to make this one work.


Person On Top

How to do it: Have both you and your partner climb into the backseat, then have your partner sit facing forward. Straddle them, lowering yourself onto them, while sitting upright — then let the fun begin, because this one is great for clitoral stimulation.

Why it's a great position for the car: Unless you're well over six feet tall, sitting on your partner's lap for this sex position can definitely work. “This one is pretty much made for cars,” says Queen. “I've even seen it done in the front seat, but don't bruise your knee on the shift lever.”



How to do it: While making your way to the passenger seat or the backseat, have your partner lay down, then climb on top so they can penetrate you. If your partner is on the taller side, they might need to bend their knees a bit, but not so much as to affect what you're trying to do.

Why it's a great position for the car: A position that requires two bodies laying flat against each other is always ideal for the car. “This makes a perfect saddle,” Queen tells Bustle. “The person on top will need to stay aware of the car roof if they're particularly tall.” And depending on location of the seat belt buckles, they could irritate the outside of your legs. So, if you can wedge them downward and out of the way, you’ll be good to go.



How to do it: Lay on your back while your partner lays on top of you and penetrates you from above. You'll want to be in the backseat for this one.

Why it's a great position for the car: The missionary sex position, and most of its variations, can be done in a ton of places — yes, even the backseat of the car. “Unless the person on top is really tall or the car is really small,” says Queen. “As with spooning, you can also make this work on your sides.”


Over The Roof

How to do it: This one is for everyone with a sunroof, which you may now honorably call a get-some-roof. “Open it, and stand up with your head peeping out while your partner gives you fingering or oral sex,” says Lee.

Why it’s great for the car: “Not only does your sunroof allow ample airflow, but it also creates a bit more vertical space for seated sex positions,” Lee tells Bustle. “Your partner can stick their head out and be on the lookout during oral sex.” In other words, you can totally get off without having to worry about getting caught.


Modified Doggy

How to do it: Although the passenger seat could work for this one, height might be an issue for your partner, so it may be easier for you both take to the backseat instead. From there, instead of starting in doggy style position and lowering yourself down, start lowered and have your partner penetrate you from behind. Don't worry; you'll still get that G-spot stimulation that feels so damn amazing.

Why it's a great position for the car: “This is another position that still works great even if you have to kneel somewhat to accommodate the length of the seat,” Queen tells Bustle. “It's similar to the spoons position, only on hands and knees, and is pretty flexible as your space needs dictate.” It’s also similar to cowgirl, as you have two bodies that are flat against each other horizontally.


Mutual Masturbation

How to do it: For this one, you can actually stay put in whatever seat you happen to be in, then proceed to masturbate. Throw in some dirty talk, and you'll have yourself one hell of a good time.

Why it's a great position for the car: Well, it doesn't involve cramming yourself into the backseat, fighting with seat belt buckles, or any of that. “This is great anywhere,” Queen notes — even a tiny car. You can just stay put, enjoy the mutual masturbation, and have fun. “A variant is giving each other a hand while you're seated side-to-side,” Queen adds.


Sofa Brace

How to do it: You probably don't have a sofa in your car, but if you do, that's awesome! Despite the name of this one, you can modify it for car sex action. Instead of draping yourself over the back of a sofa, drape yourself over the backseat, so your head is near the back windshield. Another option would be lowering one of the front seats and draping yourself over that while your partner penetrates you from behind.

Why it's a great position for the car: “Using the seats as sex furniture will work especially well in larger cars,” Queen tells Bustle. “Remember the point about the seats being able to move, which can potentially help you get into new angles that one or both of you might especially like.” As long as you can drape yourself over something and your partner can penetrate you, then you've pulled off this position perfectly.


Out The Window

How to do it: If doing it in public isn’t saucy enough for you, try sticking half your body out of the (parked, obviously) vehicle. “Scroll down the window on one side, hoist your body out the window, and hold onto the roof of the car while your partner performs oral on you.”

Why it’s great for the car: Again, you can keep watch with this one. “You’re airing your bottom, on the lookout, and receiving at the same time,” Lee tells Bustle. “This heightens excitement.” If you really want to juice it up, Lee suggests leaving on a dress or skirt and just taking off or pulling down your underwear.

No matter your age (and with the best car sex positions up your sleeve), doing it in a vehicle is fun and a great alternative to all those romps you've been having in your bed. Keeping your sex life spicy sometimes means reverting back to old-school ways of having sex.


Carol Queen, Ph.D., staff sexologist at Good Vibrations

Dr. Martha Lee, D.H.S., relationship counselor, clinical sexologist, author, and owner of Eros Coaching

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