15 Flirty Texts To Send Someone Who's At Work

Give them something to look forward to when they, uh, get off.

Some flirty texts to send him at work to keep things saucy.

No matter how long you’ve been dating, communicating with your partner or crush when you’re not together is a great way to stay engaged and show that you’re regularly thinking about them. Whether you send some cute selfies on Snapchat, memes on Instagram, or have a standing FaceTime lunch date, there are countless ways your phone can make working in separate offices more manageable. From time to time, even when the ol’ 9-5 gets busy, you might want to try sending some flirty texts to someone who’s at work.

Sure, knocking out items on their to-do list may be your partner or crush’s number one priority, but that doesn’t mean you can’t offer them a little entertainment by way of a fun and flirty text. It’ll keep you on their mind, after all. If you’re with a long-term partner who works (far) away from you, doing so can also keep that spark alive, says Erika Kaplan, a professional matchmaker and vice president of membership at Three Day Rule. “It's important to ensure you’re sprinkling in some affirmative words of love in your day-to-day texts and other conversations,” she previously told Bustle. “Try not to let the mundane day-to-day usurp the fact that you two really do have a romantic connection.” Enter: saucy messages sent via SMS.

Here are 15 flirty texts to send someone who’s at work — all of which are guaranteed to make your crush (or S.O.) smile at their desk.

“I hope you’re not working too hard today… you’ll need energy later tonight ;)”

If you’ve got spicy plans later but they’re still at work, keep it lightly suggestive. It leaves more to the imagination, anyway.

“Let me know how your meeting goes! I’m sure you’re going to crush it.”

A little encouragement goes a long way in making your crush smile — especially if their love language is words of affirmation,

“Meet me for happy hour at 6? I want to see how your butt looks in those slacks.”

Get them blushing at their desk by giving them a flirty compliment.

“I’ve re-read the same sentence in this email five times because I can’t stop thinking about you.”

Send a message like this after a really great date night… or if that date went into the next morning.

“I wish you were cuddled in bed with me instead of sitting at your desk.”

For a crush or partner with an early commute, let them know they’ve stayed on your mind since they left.

“I miss your face! Send me a work selfie?”

Whether you WFH or are on a different schedule, you can reciprocate with a cute selfie back.

“Making my afternoon coffee run, but getting a Snap from you might be a better pick-me-up.”

This text is a great way to keep up your Snapchat streak and flirt at the same time.

“Paying attention to this Zoom meeting is hard when all I can picture is you kissing me last night.”

Enough said.

“Thanks for making breakfast this morning. Good thing you’re still cute, even if you did burn the toast a little ;)”

Most people can appreciate some innocent negging, even if they really aren’t the best cook.

“My coworkers probably think I’m losing it because I get so excited when your name pops up on my phone.”

If you get that giddy feeling when you hear from your crush, it’s not a bad idea to let them know.

“The dogs and I can’t wait for you to bring home the bacon after work… the dogs mostly for the bacon.”

Working from home with your dogs is a situation that can come in handy when trying to come p with a flirty joke. Send this text to your partner to let them know the whole family misses them (for different reasons... wink-wink).

“So proud of you for getting that promotion! I guess tonight can be the last night dinner is on me, haha”

A celebratory dinner and the last time you have to pick up the check? A win-win.

“How’s work going today? I bet it’s hard being the biggest hottie in the office.”

Being so attractive can be difficult, so let your crush know you feel for them.

“I left a little note in your lunch for today, just don’t read it in front of your coworkers.”

The nature of the lunch note is totally up to you — have fun with it.

“Hey boss babe, can I take you out to lunch today?”

Setting up an impromptu date when your partner works hard can help alleviate their stress and give you a little quality time together.