3 Zodiac Signs Will Thrive The Most During The Luckiest Moon Of 2024

They can manifest pretty much anything they want.

These three zodiac signs will feel the affects of the new moon on May 7.
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While everyone will feel an auspicious change in the air during the upcoming new moon in Taurus, there are three zodiac signs who will experience an extra dose of good fortune. This is, after all, the luckiest new moon of 2024.

According to astrologer Evan Nathaniel Grim, Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and harmony, so it will infuse this lunar phase with a sense of peace and prosperity. May’s new moon is also leading up to an incredibly fortunate full moon in Sagittarius, he tells Bustle, which will feature a Jupiter-Venus conjunction.

When two lucky planets (or benefics) like Venus and Jupiter meet, it’s said to attract abundance and good luck. New moons are always the perfect time to set intentions, so you’ll want to be manifesting as hard as you can when this lunar phase reaches its peak at 11:22 p.m. ET on May 7.

This new moon also marks the end of eclipse season, and it follows the transformative Scorpio full moon we had in April — two more reasons why it feels extra powerful, says astrologer Amy Filbin. “There is a great deal of anticipation and confidence in the future under this new moon,” she tells Bustle, especially for those who take the time to plant seeds for the future.

Keep reading below to see which three zodiac signs will be the most affected by the May 7 new moon.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

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Since the new moon is in the sign of Taurus, it makes sense that this earth sign will feel a major shift on May 7. According to Filbin, this particular lunar phase is occurring in your first house, which represents the self and transformation.

Don’t be surprised if you wake up on Tuesday with the sudden urge to ditch your routine and throw caution to the wind. Instead of going about your daily routine, you might feel the rebellious urge to break free and step onto a more authentic path, she says. You are a stubborn bull, after all.

This could play out in a multitude of ways. While you might feel a brief moment of defiance on May 7, but this new moon also has the potential to set you on a brand new course for the rest of the year — and beyond.

“If there is a path that has been calling, it’s time to trust yourself and make bold new choices in a different direction,” she says. Do you want to change up your work? Set plans in place to move to a new city? This new moon might inspire you to take the leap.

Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22)

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Leo, get ready for an exciting new chapter. With the new moon in your 10th house of career and accomplishments, it could turn everything you know upside down — in a good way.

“In the next six months, you’ll broaden your horizons and seed new forms of abundance when it comes to your profession,” says Filbin. “For some, it could involve international prospects. For others, it could be implementing a new vision you have for your life, with opportunities arising from that.”

Since Taurus is known as a hardworking sign, it’s possible you’ll feel extra powerful and focused on May 7. You might wake up early, check things off your to-do list, and then keep on winning as you go about your day. Thanks to lucky Venus, you might also receive some recognition at work that’s long past due.

You can take that energy and roll with it. If you’re feeling inspired and ready to make a change, this lunar phase could be the start of great things.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)

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Scorpio, you can expect some big changes in the love department. Since Taurus is ruled by romantic Venus, it’ll be a good day to give your relationships a little extra attention.

This is especially true since the new moon is happening in your 7th house of partnerships which, according to Filbin, could usher in an exciting new cycle. Since this new moon is so lucky, nows the time to re-download all your long-lost dating apps. Spend the day sending funny messages and striking up conversations.

“The degree to which you allow yourself to have fun is the degree to which your partnerships will thrive,” she says. “With a lovely aspect to Saturn in the mix, the last bit of resistance you’ve been harboring could dissolve if you have the courage to express yourself.”

This fortunate new moon could also lead to a meet-cute IRL. “Chance encounters in love are possible for you,” she says, so come up with reasons to bop around town in the lead-up to the new moon.


Evan Nathaniel Grim, astrologer

Amy Filbin, astrologer, tarot reader