Your Valentine's Day Tarot Reading

What does the deck reveal about your love life?

Valentine’s Day is touted as a day for dinner dates and boxes of chocolate, but it’s also the perfect time to check in with yourself, whether you’re in a relationship, single, or looking for a Pookie of your very own. While love horoscopes are always a go-to guide for the holiday, a quick shuffle of a tarot deck may also reveal something interesting.

According to Letao Wang, an astrologer, tarot reader, and spiritual counselor, tarot cards can provide a much-needed dose of insight into your love life. Instead of predicting what will happen between you and your boo, they encourage you to think about certain situations in a brand new way, and it can be incredibly enlightening.

For this Valentine’s Day tarot reading, Wang asked the cards three questions for three different situations: if you’re in a relationship, if you’re happily single, and if you’re busily swiping on dating apps. He focused on the burning questions anyone might have ahead of Feb. 14.

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If You’re In A Relationship...

Card 1: How is my connection with my partner?

The Moon: According to Wang, this tarot card represents intuition, as well as subconscious worries and uncertainty. In this context, it might suggest that there’s some confusion between you and your partner, or that there are aspects of your relationship that aren’t being fully acknowledged or explored.

While this doesn’t seem like great news on Valentine’s Day, you can view it as the perfect reminder to turn towards each other for a cathartic chat. “Communication and honesty are crucial in dispelling concerns and navigating the obscured terrains of your partnership,” says Wang, so cuddle up on the couch and let it all out.

Card 2: What do I need to pay attention to in my relationship?

Ace of Swords: This is a strong card that represents a breakthrough in understanding; imagine the sword cutting through confusion to get to the truth. Here, it suggests a need to embrace honest communication and intellectual clarity, says Wang.

The Ace of Swords also highlights the importance of creating a shared vision for the future. “You can channel its energy to initiate courageous conversations that may be overdue, and use the sword’s precision to distinguish between what is essential and what can be left behind in your relationship,” says Wang. “Speak your truth — and encourage your partner to do the same.”

Card 3: What will help us grow as a couple?

King of Cups: This card symbolizes emotional balance, control, wisdom, and a deep understanding of your feelings. According to Wang, it suggests that having a more mature approach to emotions could be beneficial within your relationship.

To take things to the next level, practice open communication with each other, and don’t forget to create a safe space where you can both share your feelings without fear of judgment. Thoughtful conversations with lots of listening are the name of the game.

If You’re Happily Single...

Card 1: How can I better prioritize myself?

The Hermit: While it is pretty funny to pull the Hermit as a single person on Valentine’s Day, this card actually means you’re on an important introspective journey. According to Wang, it signals a time of self-discovery and enlightenment, so go ahead and lean into that.

“Embrace the quiet moments of 2024 to listen to your inner voice,” he says. This is also a good time to cultivate your own interests and passions without outside influence, so ask yourself what you’d like to learn. If any hobbies or topics come to mind, find a way to dive in.

Card 2: What areas of my life should I nurture?

The Star: This card is all about hope and healing, which is great news if you’re going through something tough right now. “It asks you to focus on nurturing your spiritual well-being and emotional health,” says Wang. “This card also suggests that healing may be necessary in areas where you have lost faith or feel disconnected from your dreams.”

The Star is a guiding light that can help you discover where you’re meant to be in the future. As you look for ways to feel at peace where you are right now, creative sparks may inspire a new path forward. “For some of you, this card could also be inviting you to travel to a faraway land for an unexpected enlightening experience.”

Card 3: What is my independence teaching me?

Queen of Wands: This card represents confidence, freedom, and determination. “The queen tells you that your independence is teaching you the power of self-reliance and the ability to manifest your desires,” says Wang.

There are so many areas of your life that are running smoothly, and it’s good to recognize that, especially in the moments when you might feel alone. “This card also signifies a vibrant and energetic female friend or boss around you,” he adds. “Perhaps their friendship can further become an inspiration for you.”

If You’re Looking For A Partner...

Card 1: What have I learned from being single?

Four of Cups: In tarot, the cups represent water and specifically, the way it flows. When one of these cards is pulled during a reading, it may signify a period of introspection where you sit and ponder your deepest feelings.

“In the context of being single, this card suggests that you have learned the value of pausing to reevaluate your life’s path and how to appreciate your surroundings,” says Wang. “It’s a reminder that sometimes contentment and emotional fulfillment come from within, rather than from external connections, and that being single grants the space needed for personal growth and self-discovery.”

That said, it also implies that there are unexpected opportunities in love waiting for you, which is undeniably exciting.

Card 2: What should my next relationship feel like?

Six of Pentacles: If you’re on the apps or out looking for love, it’s good to have a blueprint in mind for what you want in a relationship. According to Wang, the Six of Pentacles represents a harmonious exchange of energy, where you both give and receive equally, so it may help to keep that in mind as you date.

“The card symbolizes generosity, fairness, and reciprocity,” he says, so if you find yourself in a situationship that doesn’t feel right, take that as your cue to leave. If you meet someone who won’t invest in the relationship or give you the energy you need, you’ll already know that it won’t work out long-term.

Card 3: How can I manifest this relationship?

Three of Cups: This card symbolizes celebration, friendship, and creative collaborations. “To move toward the relationship you desire, it encourages you to embrace a spirit of community and togetherness,” says Wang. This means going out, meeting new people, chatting with friends, and investing in your social life.

While it’s OK to have nights at home, you will need to leave in order to meet someone. According to Wang, this is your sign to be more open to forming new connections, while also nurturing the bonds that already exist. By Cancer season this summer, you may find someone you really like.

How To Apply These Lessons To Valentine’s Day 2024

With so much love in the air around Feb. 14, it’s a good time to chat with your partner, reinvest in your dating sitch, or embrace your singledom. This tarot reading may help you further pinpoint what’s working and what isn’t, so you can make the most of the season.


Letao Wang, astrologist, spiritual counselor