5 Charts That Describe Justin Bieber's Career

by Arielle Dachille

America’s relationship with Justin Bieber is complicated, to say the least. Adults like you and I have gotten used to rolling our eyes at every little thing the he does (because there was SO much to roll our eyes at). But now, we find ourselves remarking to our closest confidantes, “Is it weird if I like 'What Do You Mean?'” Considering that we've seen him rise, fall, and fail to execute skateboarding tricks for nearly a decade, summing up Justin Bieber’s career is something we're ready to do.

Over the years, the scrapbook marked “Bieber Antics” has gathered virtually zero dust on mental bookshelf. That's due to the fact that Bieber is constantly making mischief, and I'm regularly withdrawing that book to add another instance of ridiculous Bieb-havior. Whether said mischief has been of the fictional variety (throwing a party at Usher's house in the "One Time" video), or the very real variety (drag racing, vandalism charges, breaking Selena Gomez's heart), The Biebs has garnered himself a reputation of being a bee in America's bonnet.

But following what has been at times a somewhat dubious apology tour, and a strangely emotional VMA performance (TEARS!), the tide of public opinion is turning for Bieber. With the help of charts, we're ready to take a look back at how he became the swoop-banged young man he is today.

What Makes Him Cry?

Though Justin Bieber remains defiantly chill about some things that would make others dissolve into a puddle of tears, he's been known to get a little mushy here and there. Events such as the Jelena breakup and his overwhelmingly positive reception at the 2015 VMAs get him a little misty. Because Bieber is human, just like the rest of us, the fleeting nature of his childhood is more than liable to make him sob.

Is My Fever Of The Regular Variety Or The Bieber Variety?

There are a few key differences between a medically diagnosed fever and Bieber Fever. For example: One attacks your immune system. The other drives you to attack Bieber haters on Instagram. However, both illnesses lead you to the inevitable fever/Bieber dream in which "What Do You Mean?" is stuck in your head on repeat.

What Do We Make Of His Instagram?

As a celebrity and true millennial, Bieber loves to 'gram. But there are certain things that he enjoys 'gramming more than others. While your average Joe is all about his avocado toast, Bieber favors the shots of trendy clothing, shoes, skateboarding attempts, and extremely photogenic people.

How Does His Hair Relate To His Mischief?

The eras of Bieber have been defined by two things: his mischief-making proclivities and his hairstyles. When he just burst on the scene, his skater swoop defined him as the lovable scamp. As the coif ascended, so did his antics. In 2014, amid rumors that he would get deported -- aka, peak "get off my lawn!" status -- he was rocking bleached hair. His current 'do represents a calmer Bieber, but still a Bieber that will always bedevil and perplex us.

Is It Socially Acceptable For You To Like His Songs?

As much as this pains you to admit, you may be kind of confusingly into Bieber's "What Do You Mean." You're not alone. You can admit to this, but you have to choose your audience wisely and tailor your enthusiasm accordingly. Maybe don't tell your local artisanal coffee guru. Maybe test the waters with your co-workers. But as usual, you can be as emphatic as ever when telling Siri. Half of the time, she can't hear you anyway.

Image: Dawn Foster/ Bustle.com