Let The 'Mad Men' Gals Inspire Your Workwear

I have just discovered Mad Men and I adore it. I love observing what they wore, including the women of Mad Men's workwear fashions. Although there are a heck of a lot of feminism issues within Mad Men, I understand that the creators are just trying to portray a true period of time. It makes me feel very thankful to be a millennial woman and not have as many societal boundaries placed upon me but I know there is still a lot of gender equality work to be done in the world.

The vintage fashion in this series is wonderful to behold, even if it's sometimes to please the characters' male coworkers. You don't have to set aside your feminist beliefs to appreciate the glory of Peggy Olson's peter pan collars or Joan Holloway's midi dresses. Nowadays women might choose to wear feminine garments for their own pleasure, not because they feel pressured to. So with that in mind, any gals who wish to embrace their femininity within their workwear wardrobe, take inspiration from the women of Mad Men and show the world how society has changed since the '60s.

Peggy Olson

At the start of Mad Men, Peggy is the new girl who doesn't know how to dress appropriately to suit her office environment. Her style progresses alongside her career throughout the series, but at the beginning Peggy wears conventional office wear with a quirky twist. Take for instance this short sleeved, plaid shirt, which works just as well for office wear in 2015.

Eliza Check Curved Hem Shell Top, $16,

This check top with a high neckline treads the line between quirky and conservative.

Plaid Tulip Back Blouse, $42.50,

This pretty blouse with a black lace trim will give your work attire a feminine edge.

As Peggy climbed her way up the career ladder, her fashion sense evolved too. She changed her hairstyle and began to wear garments and accessories that lent her a professional finish.

Peter Pan Collar Top, $17.90,

Although she looked professional, Peggy still managed to keep some personality in her wardrobe with pieces such as a shirt with a peter pan collar.

Plus Size Self-Tie Neckline Shirt, $19.90,

This particular style comes with an endearing self-tie bow neckline.

Yellow And Black Skinny Silk Neck Scarf, $16,

Add a pop of color to your outfit with a bright neck scarf tied in a bow for immediate chicness.

Joan Holloway

Joan starts out at the beginning of Mad Men as the office manager at Sterling Cooper and although she may look as pretty as a picture, she is not a woman to be messed with. Joan wears clothes that emphasize her stunning, curvaceous figure and attract her a lot of attention.

Flounced Self-Tie Neckline Blouse, $24.90,

Go for a pussy bow blouse like Joan to appear both formal and feminine.

Women's Plus Size Short Sleeve Bow Neck Work Blouse, From $13.99,

Opt for shorter sleeves in the summer months to stay cool in the office. Pick a delightfully pink shade to wear your femininity with pride.

Ms. Holloway was often seen in a short sleeved pencil dress that looks both professional and lovely all at once.

Conversations Over Canapes Dress By Stop Staring!, $164.99,

This little number would be perfect for any Joan fans out there. This particular style is available in sizes XS to 4X.

Rachel Menken

Rachel Menken is a client of Sterling Cooper and a savvy business woman. She is regularly seen dressed in formal attire.

Nor Boucle Jacket Gray, From $193.99,

A boucle jacket can really make a workwear outfit. Boucle is a classic material made iconic by Chanel.

BB Dakota Women's Plus-Size Ascot Boucle Sweater Knit With Faux Leather Trim, $47.99 - $48.08,

Try a more modern style with splashes of purple like Ms. Menken's purple piece.

And Gem What? Necklace, $29.99,

Wear a string of pearls with your work outfits to add a fancy flourish and look like you mean business like Ms. Menken.

No matter which Man Woman you choose to emulate, these retro styles are sure to amp up your work wardrobe.

Images: AMC Studios; Courtesy Brands; Giphy