So, When Will Princess Charlotte Get Her Own Meme?

Listen, you guys, I'm pretty steamed at the Internet right now. Princess Charlotte was brought into the world six months ago, and, somehow, the princess has gotten through six whole months of her life without anyone turning her into a meme. Does no one else remember the joy that we all had with Not Impressed Prince George? The heir to the throne was not only one of the cutest babies in existence, but also gave us all the most perfect expressions with which to let people know exactly how unimpressed we were by all of their shenanigans. Now that Kate Middleton has taken new pictures of Princess Charlotte for the world to enjoy, I think it's about time that we get the princess a meme of her very own, lest she erroneously think that the Internet likes Prince George more than they like her.

Because we all know that the very first thing that the Internet does when it comes to things that they love is to turn it into a meme. Do I even need to bring up Drake's "Hotline Bling" music video parodies? There are two new pictures, which means two fresh opportunities to give Princess Charlotte the epic meme that she has always deserved. Let me walk you through this, Internet, and then you'd better get to work before it's too late.

Awkward Princess Charlotte

Handout/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The first photograph features Princess Charlotte holding herself back a bit, almost awkwardly — especially in comparison to the next one. This could very well be the grounds for an Awkward Princess Charlotte meme. This could be the classy face that you make when you don't know how to react to something, and need Princess Charlotte's help figuring out what expression to make. Awkward Princess Charlotte reacts to Harry Styles rolling his eyes at Gigi Hadid. Awkward Princess Charlotte reacts to French Montana throwing shade at Scott Disick. Awkward Princess Charlotte reacts to peas in guacamole. See what I mean?

Excited Princess Charlotte

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LOOK AT HER LITTLE FACE. OK, OK, I'm cool. No, but, seriously, Princess Charlotte looks like she's having such a grand old time in this picture that it should definitely launch a Excited Princess Charlotte meme. Instead of that cute stuffed animal, she could be excited about Adele's latest album 25 . She could be excited about Taylor Swift's cats. Maybe she's the one person in the world excited about peas in guacamole. Hey, we could even get meta and have her be excited about the Not Impressed Prince George meme. The possibilities are endless, because sometimes you need help expressing this much joy, and that's where Princess Charlotte could come in.

The fact of the matter is that Princess Charlotte deserves a meme just as much as Prince George did, because nothing says cute reaction photo like pictures of babies. And who doesn't need more pictures of babies in their lives?