101 Things Taylor Swift Accomplished This Year

Now that 2015 is officially coming to a close, I think it's safe to say that it was definitely Taylor Swift's year. After releasing 1989 in late 2014, the following year was a whirlwind of concerts, award wins and nominations, and singles topping the charts — and that's just the beginning. In fact, Swift has accomplished at least 101 things this year, and the stuff that has to do with her music is just the tip of the iceberg.

Because let's face it: Swift's face and songs aren't all over the place out of sheer luck. A lot of hard work goes into that, and that means a ton of little accomplishments that have added up to big stuff. Then, add in everything that's happened in her personal life, and it's easy to realize that the 26-year-old is probably one of the most productive people on the planet. What did I do this year? I watched Gilmore Girls all the way through for the 76th time, and not much else. What did Taylor Swift do? Everything. She literally did it all.

Here are just a few (and by a few, I mean a ton) of the things Taylor Swift kicked butt at this year. May 2016 be even better... if that's possible.

1. She received seven Grammy nominations, more than she's ever swept up in one year.

2. And that was after she released four wildly successful singles, like "Bad Blood"...

3. "Style"...

4. "Wildest Dreams"...

5. And Blank Space."

6. And three amazing music videos to go with them.

7. But especially the one for "Bad Blood," which was basically a giant party with every celeb ever.

8. She reportedly insured her legs for $40 million, but quickly brushed the rumors off with a well-timed cat joke.

9. She also got injured again, on a separate occasion, but fancied up that bandaid, too.

10. She's taken tons of adorable photos with Calvin Harris, and they're the cutest together.

11. And together, they looked BEAUTIFUL in this swan float.

12. And secretly, I blame it on that awesome love advice she got from Lady Gaga.

13. Even though Swift discovered Tumblr in 2014, she made fans laugh even more with her posts.

14. Especially her tags, especially when people get sassy about her style.

15. She donated 25,000 books to schools in need.

16. And made everyone wish she was their best friend — not just because of the books, but because of everything.

17. She was the youngest person on the Forbes power list.

18. And continued kicking ass at wearing red lips.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

19. She made me (and countless others) LOSE MY MIND at the 1989 tour.

20. Twice. Because once was not enough.

21. She had her own Grammy museum exhibit.

22. She added so many members to her squad, and now, she's basically friends with everyone.

23. She practically revolutionized the two piece dress (with help from Kenny Chesney).

Rick Diamond/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

24. She also won her first Emmy award, for Original Interactive Program.

25. And speaking of wins? She got the Country Music Association Milestone Award, too.

26. And, like, a zillion Billboard awards.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

27. Including their Billboard Achievement Award.

28. She inspired Ryan Adams' awesome 1989 cover album...

29. ... And probably also "Perfect" by One Direction, too, if we're being honest.

30. She met this adorable kangaroo.

31. She convinced Apple to change their policy on paying musicians for streaming music.

32. And in the process proved that she's one of the most influential artists right now, which is huge.

33. She performed at 85 1989 shows, which is a lot.

34. And at those shows, she had more than 50 special guests.

35. She sang "Smelly Cat" with Phoebe Buffay.

36. And "Let It Go" With Elsa.

37. She dressed as Olaf, guys.

38. She shut down all kinds of rumors, mostly with sass.

39. And she made so many fans happy in all kinds of ways.

40. She became even more outspoken on feminism, which is so important.

41. She dominated all of our attention (and Twitter feeds) as she slowly announced the "Bad Blood" cast.

42. And she learned actual fight choreography for the music video, which is pretty cool.

43. And in the process, she united her cats' namesakes.

44. She befriended Kanye West, which I used to think was impossible.

45. And she made friends with Kim Kardashian that day, too.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

46. And on top of that, she presented West with his MTV Video Vanguard Award, too.

47. Someone else she's friends with now? Her ex, Joe Jonas. Mind = blown.

48. She turned 26 in December.

49. Which means she achieved yet another year of being flawless.

50. And she finally reached 50 million Instagram followers, which is no small feat.

51. She met Adam Scott... or did Adam Scott meet her?

52. And she apologized for her major feud with Nicki Minaj...

53. That resulted in one of the most amazing surprise performances ever.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

54. She covered Vogue with Karlie Kloss.

55. And she covered Maxim for the first time ever.

56. She became best friends with Blake Lively.

57. Who sent her this adorable cat themed birthday pie. Not cake. Pie.

58. She and Madonna held each other in a loving embrace.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

59. After they performed together at the iHeartRadio Music Awards.

60. She became a godmother to Jaime King's adorable baby...

61. After throwing her what looked like an awesome baby shower.

62. And speaking of parties? Her 4th of July party looked pretty rockin' too.

63. She even took this hilarious picture with Ed Sheeran to prove it.

64. She and her mom, Andrea, continued to be family goals.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

65. She made the best playlist ever — seriously, listen to all of those songs if you haven't.

66. And she released a movie of the 1989 Tour on Apple Music.

67. She inspired a corn maze.

68. And shared so many precious cat photos of Meredith and Olivia.

69. Like this one.

70. And this one.

71. And even this one.

72. She also set the best cat mom example for all of us, if you're a cat lady like me (and Swift).

73. She inspired this feat of engineering.

Handout/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

74. And she got surprised by Kobe Bryant. Who can say that?!

75. She decorated a Christmas tree with her dad.

76. She ate cheeseburgers with Selena Gomez (aka THE DREAM).

77. And she basically set an example of what friendship should be.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

78. She bonded with this bird.

79. And she created the most motivational speech ever.

80. She finally got Meredith to purr (she's usually pretty grumpy).

81. She appeared in this super cute video Karlie Kloss made about her tour.

82. And got this gorgeous flower arrangement from Kanye West.

83. She gifted us with this crazy cute throwback photo.

84. She got a major compliment from Adele.

85. She got spoofed by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler on Saturday Night Live.

86. She celebrated the anniversary of 1989 turning one year old in October. Has it seriously been that long?!

87. And this gem from her past surfaced on Twitter.

88. She donated $50,000 to a fan battling leukemia.

89. And $50,000 to New York City public schools — part of her proceeds from "Welcome to New York."

90. And another $15,000 to a struggling family. Is she an angel?!

91. She spent plenty of quality time with her brother (who, P.S., is hot)

92. She met her lookalike. Seriously, this is scary.

93. She put together this table in her house flawlessly.

94. She hung out with a lion filming her "Wildest Dreams" video

95. And Scott Eastwood, who is almost as cool as a lion.

96. She posed with a giant cardboard cut out of her cat.

97. She ended the 1989 tour with a bang in Australia.

98. She revealed what Cara Delevingne really does when she gets ahold of your phone.

99. She made this video with Karlie Kloss for Vogue.

100. And she's ending the year by dropping her "Out of The Woods" video on New Year's Eve.

101. She won 2015 in every single way.