15 Undergarments That Are Total Game-Changers

Most of us are familiar with the basics of underwear, like the existence of panties and bras. But wouldn't experimenting with underwear that's innovative and completely out-of-the-box be kind of cool, too? In my research as a fashion and beauty writer, I've come across unique undergarments that are total game-changers. Whether they up the sexy factor to levels I could have never imagined, or they provide me with services I never knew I needed, there's no doubt that such undergarments have been incredibly avant-garde and completely necessary additions to the panty drawer of my adventurous self.

In my time wearing underwear, I've experienced the delights of men's underwear and even wearing no underwear at all. But nothing has ever been as good as my classic boy short undies. Now that I've opened my eyes to underwear that breaks new ground, however, I'm much more inclined to take things outside my comfort zone and play with the more out-there styles.

Here are 15 totally awesome, game-changing undies and bras I've come across in my undergarment travels. After all, T-shirt bras and thongs were getting kind of old, so the creation of bizarre, game-changing underpants was pretty much essential. Plus, a pair of pubic hair art panties is always going to be a good idea.

1. Booty-Lifting Bodysuit

Sweet Cheeks Butt Lifter Bodysuit, $84.99,

At first, this bodysuit-sans-butt-coverage looked a little silly to me. But the tight fabric around the bum is allegedly guaranteed to intensify the size of your bum while lifting it. It's pretty game-changing if you love celebrating your plump bottom.

2. V-String Panty

Strappy V-string Panty, $14.50,

What's a V-string, you might be asking? Well, it's basically half a thong. Take a thong, erase most of the back half, and voilà, you've got yourself a V-string. While I can't claim utmost comfort when sporting this style, I can speak to the V-string's amazing invisibility under clothes. If you hate panty lines, then this style of undie is sure to be a game-changer for you.

3. Bullet Bra

Marlene Bullet Bra, $75.50,

Bullet bras were totally in vogue back in the 1950s. But it's even more game-changing to rock a bullet bra in 2016. Not only will you be channeling Madonna, but you'll also be showing empowerment, autonomy, and fierceness in your femininity.

4. Self-Adhesive Butt Pads

Sticky Buns Adhesive Silicone Booty Pads, $39,

For those days when you want a little lift in the butt but would rather not wear underpants to get it, these will have you sorted.

5. Hairy Underpants

Hairy Underpants Knickers In Bush, $42.09,

Underwear featuring pubic hair art? If that's not a pair of game-changing lingerie, then I don't know what is.

6. Boxers With An iPhone Pocket

Luxury Swav Tech, $42,

These may be "men's" boxer briefs, but considering that men's underwear is surprisingly comfortable, that gender norms are totally outdated, and that this pair has a specialized pocket made just for your smartphone, I say it's a game-changer anyone deserves to try.

7. C-String

C-String Bottom Only, $24,

If you thought the V-string panty was something else, wait until you see the C-string. It's essentially a patch of fabric on a wire that somehow stays put down there. Don't ask me any questions: All I know is that the C-string is revolutionary for anyone who's all about minimal coverage.

8. Candy Bra

Candy Bra, $9.99,

Lingerie that's also sweet as candy? I think I've said it all.

9. Organic Underwear

3 Pairs Women's Organic Underwear, $32.65,

If you're an advocate for a green lifestyle, then low and behold some incredibly comfy organic underwear. Made of organic cotton, stretch fabric, and bamboo, this pair of practically invisible-under-clothes undies takes organic living to the next level.

10. Light-Up Bra

Drive 'Em Crazy 4 Color Light Up Bra, $54.80,

If you're the kind of person who hates seeing their undergarments underneath a cute outfit, this bra is not for you. But come on, how cool is a bra that lights up? Pretty cool.

11. Open Crotch Panties

Open Crotch Panties, $30,

No need to mess around with annoying undergarments come sexy time with these panties. Architectural bands around the booty, a bow to make you look like a present, and an open crotch? I think it's pretty obvious why these panties had to be included.

12. Shelf Bra

Scalloped Embroidery Shelf Bra, $27.90,

A bra sans the full cups, otherwise known as a shelf bra, is totally rad. IMO, the shelf bra and the open-crotch panty are a match made in game-changing underwear heaven.

13. Emergency Underpants

Emergency Underpants Dispenser, $8.66,

These are for all those times you just, uh, need a pair of emergency underpants. I'll leave it at that.

14. Vegan Leather Lingerie Skirt

Aliya Vegan Leather Skirt, $58,

While I've heard of vegan leather jackets and vegan leather handbags, I've never heard of a piece of lingerie made of vegan leather. Just like the organic cotton panties, this skirt takes veganism to the next level.

15. Multi-Way Bra

Multi-way Bra, $48.50-$58.50,

A bra you can wear five ways practically ensures you won't have to mess with pasties, uncomfortable straps, or any kind of tragic bra mishap. Sign me up!

While some of these options might seem silly or way-too-weird, there's no doubt that they are also innovative and quirky. If you ask me, these 15 pieces are changing the face of underwear as we know it. All there is left to do is patiently await the bizarre underpants of our future. Here's to game-changing knickers for life.

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