Will Tom Hiddleston Be At The 2016 BAFTAs? He's Had A Year Worth Celebrating

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards (BAFTAs) are approaching, which seek to celebrate the achievements of the past year in film. It's kind of like the Oscars ceremony, but with way more British accents. The BAFTAs also serve as a congregation of all the greatest British actors ranging from newer A-listers like Benedict Cumberbatch to long-time stalwarts like Helen Mirren. One face that many people are excited to see at the BAFTAs is that of Tom Hiddleston, who seems to bring a fun energy along with an award-winning smile to any ceremony he attends. So, will Tom Hiddleston be at the 2016 BAFTAs, and will he be bringing his one-of-a-kind charm to the proceedings?

Nothing has been confirmed, but, frankly, it'd be surprising if Hiddleston didn't show up. At the 2015 BAFTA ceremony Hiddleston was not nominated for anything, but he still showed up, presented an award, and managed to have an absolute blast while doing so. Tom Hiddleston has become one of the most recognizable British movie stars, and if the BAFTAs are a celebration of British film, he'd be a clear omission were they to not feature him in the ceremony. Hiddleston himself had a fairly busy 2015, and he has a series of new projects coming out, so it would make sense for him to drop by the ceremony to celebrate his 2015 accomplishments and garner some buzz for his 2016 films.

Crimson Peak

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Hiddleston's most high-profile project of 2015 was Crimson Peak, a gothic horror tale scripted by Hollywood's premiere creator of imaginative horrors — Guillermo del Toro. Hiddleston's performance in Crimson Peak was very physically demanding and gave us some of Hiddleston's best acting yet and, also, Tom Hiddleston had a very feminist sex scene in this film — if that's not deserving of recognition at the BAFTAs, then what is?


One of two Tom Hiddleston films to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, High-Rise stars Tom Hiddleston in his rendition of the "wealthy businessman who just may be a little bit crazy"-type role that has allowed actors like Christian Bale and Leonardo DiCaprio to deliver some amazing performances (in American Psycho and The Wolf Of Wall Street, respectively). High-Rise may not have the creepy sensuality that Crimson Peak has, but it does have Tom Hiddleston in a suit for most of the film, which is just as good. It's scheduled to hit American theaters in May 2016.

I Saw The Light

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I Saw The Light, which also premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, is a biopic telling the life and untimely death of influential country singer Hank Williams. According to reviews, Hiddleston not only delivered a strong performance in this biopic, but he also sang on the soundtrack as if he hasn't already stolen the hearts of every person on Earth. Oh, Hiddleston — What can't you do? You can see this film March 2016.

These projects, different as they are, showcase Tom Hiddleston's range as an actor and further prove that he deserves attendance at this year's BAFTAs. But, if he's not there on Sunday, fans can take solace in knowing it's likely because he's busy working on other great projects like Thor: Ragnarok or The Night Manager. But, hopefully, Hiddleston finds time in his busy schedule to add some fun to the BAFTAs — he certainly deserves to celebrate.