Who Will Be In 'AHS' Season 6? Here Are 9 Actors That Could Appear In The Upcoming Season

As fans of the American Horror Story franchise anxiously await each little tidbit of information that creator Ryan Murphy will give about the sixth installment, it's more apparent than ever that it's Murphy's world, and we're just living in it. Angela Bassett has been the first actor confirmed for Season 6 of American Horror Story and though this news is worth seriously rejoicing, viewers of the anthology series are desperate for more information about the other actors who will make an appearance. Since AHS most likely won't return until Oct. and FX hasn't even released the theme or setting, fans have plenty of time to theorize about which other actors will return — or make their first appearance — in Season 6.

Luckily, amidst all of the rumors about the potential cast of American Horror Story Season 6, there is American Crime Story airing on FX to help tide you over. Also from the mind of Murphy, American Crime Story has an equally impressive ensemble cast like that of Murphy's first go at telling an "American story" and it even features AHS alums Connie Britton and veteran Sarah Paulson. Yet, there's something about the outrageously campy, completely terrifying, and 100 percent fictional American Horror Story that makes it one of the most truly unique series on TV.

As an actor, being a part of the American Horror Story franchise must be a dream since you get to tackle a completely different character within each season's distinct story. With Season 1's Murder House, Season 2's Asylum, Season 3's Coven, Season 4's Freak Show, and Season 5's Hotel, a range of actors from Jessica Lange to Zachary Quinto to Kathy Bates to Gabourey Sidibe have come back for more than one season. (with Sidibe even doing some role reprising). While other actors like Britton, James Cromwell, and Joseph Fiennes have only each done one season, there is such a plethora of talent from past seasons to make guesses and assumptions of who will return in Season 6.

As you wait for more information to be released about American Horror Story's latest eclectic and impressive cast, here's an updated list of some definite cast members you should expect to see — and some fan theories that make it hard to wait until Oct. when Season 6 will premiere.

1. Angela Bassett

As previously mentioned, the American Horror Story favorite is the first actor to confirm that she will return for Season 6. She began her work with the series back in Season 3 for Coven and since her scenery-chewing Ramona in Hotel didn't get as much screen time as I'd have liked to see, her being the first announced returning cast member couldn't make me happier.

2. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was a newcomer to AHS this past season, but with her surprising Golden Globes win for her performance as the Countess in Hotel, the rumor mill has been in full force about whether or not Gaga will return. The rumors have only been made worse by Murphy publicly telling the world through Twitter that he already asked her to be in Season 6. No confirmation from the House of Gaga yet.

3. Cheyenne Jackson

Cheyenne Jackson, who also first joined the AHS family in Season 5 as fashion designer Will Drake, recently told Out magazine that he'd like to return when the publication asked if there is any news on him being in Season 6. "I hope to come back," Jackson said. "They’re supposed to start telling people within the next few months, so fingers crossed."

4. Denis O'Hare

The MVP of Season 5 was none other than Denis O'Hare's Liz Taylor. O'Hare has been in every season of American Horror Story except Asylum, so fans have their fingers crossed that he'll continue that trend. According to a poll on Enstarz published on Feb. 1, out of approximately 1,000 people, 99 percent of them wanted to see O'Hare back for Season 6 in some capacity, whether it be a leading or supporting role — with the vast majority voting for a major role.

5. Emma Roberts

Back in Dec., Emma Roberts told Yahoo that she couldn't be in Season 5 due to scheduling conflicts but that, " ... Ryan [Murphy] and I said next season we’ll do something amazing and devilish." By the sounds of the quote, the Scream Queens star's return to American Horror Story (she has been in Coven and Freak Show before) seems imminent. Hopefully the same goes for her on-again, off-again boyfriend Evan Peters, who always plays an important role on AHS. (Peters, along with Sarah Paulson and Chloë Sevigny, discussed with Variety back in Nov. what roles they'd like to play in Season 6.)

6. Taissa Farminga

Before Roberts, the original ingenue of the American Horror Story franchise was Taissa Farminga. Farminga hasn't been seen in AHS since Coven, but fans of her roles of Violet in Murder House and Zoe in Coven have taken to Twitter (like the above user) and Internet comments sections to support Farminga coming back. In 2015, Farminga told Bustle about rejoining the series, "You never know. I would totally pop back in and say hi for a minute."

7. Jamie Brewer

In the above tweet about Farminga, Twitter user @ItzNickelallday also mentioned Jamie, which I assume is none other than Jamie Brewer. Another Murphy regular, Brewer has been in Murder House and Coven (both alongside Farminga) and also in Season 4's Freak Show as the living embodiment of Neil Patrick Harris' ventriloquist doll Marjorie. She made her television debut in the first season of American Horror Story, so you'd like she'd have a soft spot for the show and want to come back.

8. Alexandra Breckenridge

Though it may be a long shot, I'd love to see Murder House and Coven's Alexandra Breckenridge return. She played the outrageously sexy younger version of the maid Moira in Season 1 and the inexperienced witch Kaylee in Season 3. She moved to another popular TV series, as the much more understated character of Jessie, a mother living in the Alexandria Safe-Zone, on The Walking Dead. Since her schedule has cleared up recently, it would great if she showed up on American Horror Story again.

9. Cuba Gooding Jr.

Cuba Gooding Jr. is currently starring in American Crime Story as O.J. Simpson, so though it would be shocking, it wouldn't be out of the question for the actor to join the other Murphy vehicle, American Horror Story. At least, that's what reddit user Ceje1984 thought in a thread about Season 6. (The same user hoped that Freak Show and Hotel's Wes Bentley would make a comeback for Season 6 as well.) Other reddit users in that same thread had been complaining about the lack of racially diverse men in the very progressive series, so Gooding would make for a pretty spectacular, if completely unexpected, edition to American Horror Story.

Though I wouldn't hold my breath on any of the unconfirmed actors to make appearances on American Horror Story just yet, I can be sure that Murphy will still surprise and impress fans with inspired casting — even six seasons in.

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