Amber Rose’s Bill Cosby & Kesha MuvaMoji Make A Strong Statement In Support Of Women

Within a day of being released, Amber Rose's emoji app is already number one in the App Store. On Wednesday, the model launched MuvaMoji, which, according to the App Store, boasts "over 900 curated emoji you won't find anywhere else." That last line couldn't be more true — a quick preview of MuvaMoji reveals that she did not hold anything back, especially when it comes to her thoughts on a few controversial topics. Although Rose and Kim Kardashian are newfound friends, I'd say that Kardashian's emoji are surprisingly tame compared to Rose's app — which is saying a lot, if you're an avid Kimoji user like myself.

Considering Rose's entire persona revolves around pushing the envelope, would you expect anything different from her line of emoji? I suppose not, but there are some images that may make you gasp — or clap your hands in agreement. She doesn't shy away from making her opinions known on a few controversial matters. There's one of Bill Cosby, wearing a colorful sweater and holding a sign that says, "I did it." This is a clear reference to the more than 50 sexual abuse allegations that have surfaced against the comedian. (Cosby's lawyers have adamantly and repeatedly denied these claims.) But based on this emoji alone, there's no denying that Rose thinks he's guilty.

Another topic she weighed in on is Kesha's ongoing legal issues. MuvaMoji includes a gold, sparkly "Free Kesha" icon. This is in response to the #FreeKesha Twitter trend that started in support of the "TikTok" singer, following a judge's decision to deny her request to leave her recording contract with Sony and Lucasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald. In 2014, Kesha filed a lawsuit against Gottwald, alleging that he raped and sexually, emotionally, and verbally abused her. Gottwald repeatedly denied these claims and countersued Kesha for defamation.

While the situations with Cosby and Kesha remain ongoing legal battles, Rose decided to not sweep these instances under the rug or stay silent. In doing so, she's standing up on behalf of women, specifically alleged victims of sexual assault. On first glance, you may think that emoji don't matter that much, but in creating these MuvaMoji she's sending a strong message of validating women's voices.

This isn't the first time that Rose has advocated on behalf of women. Following Kardashian's naked selfie backlash, she stood up for the reality star, even going as far as to condemn slut-shaming and invite Kardashian to her annual SlutWalk event. Also, back in January, Rose wrote an empowering essay for TIME about double-standards related to sexuality. She clearly has a history of championing her fellow women.

It's worth noting that MuvaMoji costs $1.99, but if you've ever wanted to express your opinions on the matters above — or have the freedom to change the size and skin colors of emoji — you'll probably want to download it ASAP.