11 Things People With Short Nails Are Likely Sick Of Hearing

Long nails can be perceived as a symbol of femininity, elegance, and status. So if you're a feminine gal who often enjoys giving off a traditionally girly vibe but rocking short nails, people usually start to ask why. Maybe there's something about fake or longer nails that make you look as though you have your life together. Falsies can elongate your hands, giving you a sophisticated aura, even making you look super elegant — like you have a hidden talent for playing the piano.

However, as someone who has tried false nails and failed at life while wearing them, there are plenty of downsides to the whole thing. The most obvious annoyance of wearing falsies, at least for me, is that if you're not used to them, completing everyday tasks can be a chore: You may have trouble answering your phone, wearing gloves, typing, pushing elevator buttons, carrying things... the list is endless. Not only are fake nails a struggle for those untrained in the art of a life with acrylics, but they're also an added expense. Just imagine all that money you could spend on other important purchases, like pizza.

There's definitely something to be said for the way in which acrylic nails can make a feminist statement, and there's no denying they look awesome. But for those who just can't seem to get along with them, here's what short-taloned gals are often tired of hearing.

1. "You should really stop biting your nails."

Woah! When did the nail biting police arrive on the scene? FYI, I don't even bite my nails, but thanks a bunch for assuming my hands are your business.

2. "Couldn't you afford to get your nails done this week?"

Not that my finances are any of your concern, but yes, I could afford to get my nails done. I just chose to spend my manicure money on a new top instead. Side note: Shaming people who can't afford to, or don't want to, splurge on nails is not remotely OK.

3. "Fake nails are easy once you get used to them!"

I take my hat off to you, friend, but I have neither the time nor the patience to spend on getting used to false nails. I truly admire your tenacity, though.

4. "Acrylics would finish your look off nicely."

Thanks for the backhanded compliment, but I'm pretty happy with my "unfinished" look. Even though I didn't ask for it, I still really appreciate your opinion.

5. "I learned to type and do everything normally with false nails."

Well done! Would you like a medal? I jest. I'm equal parts envious and incredibly impressed.

6. "Fake nails last longer than regular polish."


Do they? Has there been some kind of study pitting the two against each other, or is this just your personal experience? It's really awesome that your preferred manicure is the one that appears to last you the longest, but gel nails (or natural ones) suit me just fine.

7. "I don't feel 'right' without my acrylics."

That's totally cool, since we're all unique individuals and all. But I don't feel "right" with acrylics. Please respect that choice.

8. "Fake nails are only a little more expensive than a regular manicure."

Scott Gries/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Although money does factor into my choice not to wear false nails, it's more about being comfy in my own skin. TBH, I would rather spend the extra few dollars on a trip to the movies or a cup of tea and a piece of cake.

9. "Can't you just treat yourself?"

I love treating myself every now and again — as I'm sure most folks do. But I think it's pretty obvious that my idea of a treat differs greatly from yours. Not being able to use my hands properly is actually more of a punishment.

10. "After a while, I don't even feel like I'm wearing them."


~Begins slow clap.~

11. "I know a great polish that'll help you stop biting your nails."

OK, so tell me about this nail polish, because you obviously don't believe that I don't bite my nails.

Until people accept that short nails are equally rocking as long ones, we'll probably still be hearing a lot of these kinds of comments. In the meantime, sit tight and know that one day short nails will probably be cool, too.

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