15 Pretty Pajama Sets For Warm Weather, So You Can Be Sweat & Fancy Free — PHOTOS

In case you hadn't noticed, it's officially spring. You might want to celebrate the change in season by taking a stroll through your local park, having your first ice cream cone of 2016, or purchasing some cool pajama sets. IMO, one of the greatest pleasures in life is putting on some new PJs after a relaxing bath, followed by slipping under clean sheets to watch your favorite movie. If this sounds like heaven to you, it's high time you treated yourself to a new pair of jammies.

It's easy to accumulate a collection of PJs that are far from idyllic. In a perfect world, you would open your pajama drawer, be welcomed with a waft of lavender, and be spoiled for choice by all the beautiful sets in your arsenal.

In reality, you'll probably dig your spring pajamas out from underneath your heavy winter ones and be confronted with a mismatched pile of old, moth-eaten tees and graying shorts. Instead of being embarrassed of opening the door to the mailman while sporting your crusty old PJs, why not race to the entrance and show off your stylish sleepwear? After all, you woke up like this.

So here are some pretty pajama sets for spring to keep you from getting all hot and bothered, whether you be under or out of the sheets.

1. The Rise & Shine Set

Good Mornign Pj Set, $14.90, Forever 21

Start your day off on a positive note and make sure every morning is a good one with these sweet PJs.

2. The Pack Of Pretty Pajamas

Pretty Secrets Pack of 2 Shortie Pajamas, $35, Simple Be

If you too wake up feeling hangry, give your loved ones some warning with these comedic pajamas. This set comes in a pack of two, so you can mix and match pieces depending on your mood.

3. The Cat Lover's Set

Feline Sleepy Pyjama Set, $52, Topshop

Are you feline sleepy? Have a cat nap in this pajama set that's just purrfect for any aspiring cat ladies.

4. The Delightful Dino Set

Asos Curve Cute Dinosaur Tee & Short Pajama Set, $34, ASOS

Jurassic Park fans rejoice! Because who in their right mind wouldn't want a triceratops wearing a hair bow adorning their sleepwear?

5. The Fabulous Flamingo Set

Flamingo Graphic PJ Set, $15, Forever 21

Look pretty in pink like the cute flamingos spotted on this pajama set.

6. The Barbie Girl Set

Barbie® Sleep Tank, $35, Torrid | Barbie® Sleep Shorts, $29, Torrid

Dream of a plastic fantastic life in a pair of awesome Barbie PJs.

7. The Peachy Keen Pajamas

Keira Lace Bralet and Satin Short Night Set, $16, Boohoo

Embrace your feminine side in a pair of elegant satin jammies including a divine bralette with a lacy trim.

8. The Boudoir Set

Asos Curve Delicate Lace Insert Cami and Short Set, $48, ASOS

Give off some major laid back luxe vibes in a cami pajama set with lovely lace inserts.

9. The Cupid Romper

Cupid Hearts Ruffle Romper, $118, Wildfox

Yes, this romper is technically not a PJ set, but it is far too adorable not to mention.

10. The Halter & Pants Set

Super Soft and Comfy Halter Top with Lace Trim, $40, Hips and Curves | Super Soft and Comfy Pajama Pants, $33, Hips and Curves

Perhaps you're more of a pants kind of gal? Well, you can still stay easy and breezy with a low halter neck top.

11. The Suave Stripe Set

Out From Under Pasty Herringbone PJ Top, $49, Urban Outfitters | Out From Under Marcia Lounge Short, $29, Urban Outfitters

If androgyny is more your bag, you can look (and feel) as cool as a cucumber in this contemporary take on classic striped pajamas.

12. The Casual PJs

Asos Curve Lace Trim T-Shirt & Short Pajama Set, $34, ASOS

Planning on having a lazy Sunday? These lace-trimmed PJs should help you in your quest.

13. The Complimentary Set

The Right Side Of The Bed Pajamas, $30, Modcloth

When there's no one around to notice how amazing you look first thing in the morning, you can always rely on your PJs to give you a nice confidence boost.

14. The Weekend Set

Dream On Pyjama Set, $40, Topshop

There's no need to hit that snooze button on the weekend! You can dream on, staying uninterrupted instead.

15. The Flower Power PJs

Meadow Ditsy Cotton Lawn Short PJ Set, $64, Cath Kidston

What could be more spring-like then a pair of flower print PJs? In my book, the answer is nothing.

Now you can ensure that every time you get hot and steamy between the sheets, it's because you're about to have some frisky fun. Not because you're literally boiling. These pretty PJs will have your back.

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Images: Courtesy Brands