13 Cute Rain Boots For A Sunny Disposition

No matter the time of year, or where you are in the world, you're guaranteed to need some stylish rain boots in your life to help you through wet weather. Unintentionally getting drenched in the rain sucks, especially if you're on your way to work, college, or someplace important and you have to sit for a prolonged period in your dripping wet clothes. FYI, wet socks are the worst.

In reality, we can't all be Rihanna, who somehow flaunted a leather-look bodysuit and black pointe shoes in "Umbrella" regardless of the weather — however sad that truth bomb might make us feel. But although you probably don't feel like gleefully running outside whistling Bambi's "Little April Showers," or tap dancing down the street in the next downpour you get caught in, there are ways to make your dull day a little more pleasant. As a British gal growing up and currently living in England, I'd like to think I've nailed rainy day wear.

Believe me, it's not all doom and gloom: You can rock a wonderful pair of Wellington boots, because your tootsies are tired of being damp and miserable. So here are a selection of rad rain boots in all sizes to brighten up your day, whether you're at a music festival or on your way to work. Because your feet deserve to be dry.

1. The Floral Boots

Lace-Up Floral Rain Boots, $17.90,

These pretty floral boots will be your perfect match for spring showers.

2. The Polka Dot Pair

Extra Wide Calf Women's Rubber Rain Boots, $89.99,

Go puddle jumping in some adorable, polka dot boots that are a great fit for wide-calved folks.

3. The Lace Up Pair

Rainy Route Rain Boot In Marine Blue, $69.99,

These quirky, lace up rain boots will help you stand out from the crowd in wet weather.

4. The Birds Of A Feather Boots

Wide Calf Wellies Fleece Lined, $59.99,

Wide-calved gals are sure to flock to these rainbow-hued, bird-patterned boots.

5. The Glossy Chelsea Boots

Ted Baker Erlfyn Bow Detail Short Wellington Boots, $130,

Toe the line between masculine and feminine with these androgynous ankle boots.

6. The Hot Pink Zebra Wellies

Viva La Diva Printed Rain Boots EEE Fit, $26.49,

Bring out your sassy side in a pair of bright pink, animal print rain boots.

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7. The Chic Boots With A Comedic Detail

Melissa Ankle Boot + Jeremy Scott, $210,

At first glance, these pristine, white boots probably look like the most sophisticated rain boots you've ever laid eyes on. Upon closer inspection, you might notice the subtle addition of an air valve — which normally dwells on inflatables. These boots prove that when designers do novelty fashion, they totally slay it.

8. The Pooch Lover's Boots

Molly Mid Height Rain Boot Wellies, $67.95,

It's rather fitting that these rain boots pay homage to man's best friend, because these little beauties are sure to help you traverse wet and wild terrains.

9. The Blooming Beautiful Boots

Extra Wide Fit Rain Boots, $89.99,

These wide fit wonders are sure to put a spring in your step with their charming, floral design.

10. The Rubber Duck Ribbon Boots

Good To The Last Raindrop Rain Boot In Rubber Duck, $98.99,

Rain may make lovely weather for ducks, but you probably won't mind in a pair of sunshine yellow, ribboned rain boots.

11. The Adventurous Pair

Tillis – Navy Multi Steve Madden, $79.99,

When you need some boots that can take you anywhere, this Steve Madden pair is sure to take you there.

12. The Scarlet Style

Vivienne Westwood + Melissa Moon Dust, $145,

It's possible to make a style statement even in the pouring rain with these standout rouge rain boots.

13. The Modern Classic

Women's Original Short Color Haze Rain Boots, $165,

In times of torrential storms, turn to the pros. These ombré Hunter rain boots are equal parts gorgeous and functional, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that your feet are in good hands.

Don't let bad weather cast a cloud over your day. Instead, invest in some lovely rain boots to dodge puddles in style.

Images: Courtesy Brands